Monday, February 8, 2016

Getting Our Children Involved In Family History.

Sometimes I wonder had I not become a member of the church I attend would I have ever gotten involved in family history work. I have to admit that in the beginning I was a bit clueless because I had no one to guide me on how to begin or how I was supposed to get information on my ancestors. Once I did it became a bit easier, that is until I hit a plateau. Being a first generation member in the church made it a bit difficult for me in finding more of my ancestors, but I know that with time, and seeking answers to resolve gaps in my work, and by asking questing to any living relatives that I hope to get answers. 

I did begin with doing my only family tree once I got married, and then proceeded to ask my mom questions about her parents, grandparents, where they were born, and what their birthdays were so that I can get this genealogy going. So far I have two generations, and at this moment I'm struggling in getting the third generation done, so if there are any genealogy geeks out there with any information or tricks please feel free to share! 

Jon has become involved in doing his family history, and thanks to one of his uncles doing most of the work he's got about seven generations complete, but I'm sure there is still so much to accomplish! He has to limit his time on the computer especially at night. Just like any other social network you can get lost with time in doing family history work. Luckily he's learned to find a balance, and to only be searching on it for about an hour. He has been a huge help in locating some of my ancestors, bit like I said, I still have a lot of work to do. It's a good feeling to seek my ancestors, and it gets me motivated knowing that I'm doing something good for my family. I feel the love of my family whenever I've done any work for them in the temple, and I know that my two oldest daughters have felt how special it is to do their own family names when they perform baptisms in proxy. Passing down this wonderful habit of doing family history is so important to me, and to them too. It's important to get them involved because once we pass on they are going to be the ones who are going to be finishing our work so it's imperative to teach them all about what a family tree is, and to help in seeking their ancestors. 
Our kids in church last year did a whole theme on family history. It took them months to complete, and once they gathered various photos of their ancestors they put it all on a cardboard and at the end of the year displayed their little family history board. It was so sweet, and I can see the joy in my children's eyes as they displayed their work in front of all the parents. I could tell that they were happy to have done this work. I loved this moment, and the smiles on their faces proves all too well that they certainly enjoyed putting it together, and learning about what  family history is. I am grateful that I have taught my kids at a young age to learn it, and how important it is to work on it. 

I only hope that I can accomplish more of mine, because I definitely have a lot of work to do1 

In all honesty...I don't think family history will ever end for me! 

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