Friday, February 26, 2016

Meeting Stephanie Nielsen, & Appreciating the Gospel.

"Following Christ is not a casual or occasional practice, but a continuous commitment and way of life that applies at all times, and in all places." -Dallin H. Oaks

Now it's very rare that I post or go on social media on Sundays, but this past Sunday I couldn't help but to scroll down my feed, and look on Stephanie Nielsen's Instagram, because every Sunday she always posts a photo of her sweet family along with an inspirational message. When Sierra emailed me to let me know that she finally met one of my favorite bloggers I knew who she was referring too. Then again I had seen it on Instagram way before her email! 

She mentioned that they have some time on Sundays to go to the temple for a walk, and as she and a few other sisters were walking noticed the Nielsen family. They all wanted to take a picture with them, and then afterwards she approached Stephanie to let her know how much I adored her, her blog, and her book. In return Stephanie told Sierra to let me know that she loves me, and thanked her. That really made my week, and it's so nice that Sierra was able to meet such an inspiring woman who has been through a very hard ordeal. 

I think it's moments like this where Sierra feels strengthened, and seeing how other people have endured harder trials, but in a different way helps her to become even closer to her Heavenly Father. She loves learning, and making new friends. It's amazing to hear how quickly she has picked up the language. She also mentioned how she can bear her testimony in tagalog, and speak in tagalog while sharing the gospel. The gift of tongues is truly amazing, and she truly has felt the spirit more than ever before. In her last email there was a girl she was teaching named April, and this past Sunday got baptized. She was so happy, and being able to go to the temple was the icing on the cake to end her week. She loves her zone, and her companion. She sounds like she's doing well, but I still pray my heart out for her.

I ask that y'all continue to pray for her and all the other missionaries. These brothers and sisters sacrifice so much, and learn so much while being there. Just talking to my husband about the MTC, and how he mentioned how intense the learning can be especially when learning another language can be tough, but it seems that Sierra is grasping on very quickly and appreciating the gospel more now, than ever before. 

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