Monday, February 15, 2016

A Nice Beginning to Hopefully a Promising Outcome.

When Jon was a young boy he didn't take to piano very well, and the reason he said so is because his teacher wasn't challenging enough. My husband now regrets not sticking to playing the piano, and is so grateful that so far his daughters love, and enjoy playing. I personally never played an instrument in my life so of course I'm so pleased to have talented daughters who can play various instruments, and now it's Noah's turn. And I too hope he will take to playing the piano, and find joy in playing. 

When school started we decided for Chelsea to forego starting cello lessons, and take another year of piano. I had been struggling to find the right piano teacher that I feel would be challenging enough, and thanks to Lexie's band teacher in high school found one! I am so glad that I didn't get Chelsea into cello lessons right away, because she has really improved on her technique, and in all honesty needed to work on that! Ms. Nora has been teaching for over 30 years, and is the nicest lady you can ever meet. She is certainly like a grandmother to my children, and we automatically fell in love with her! 

After observing how she teaches Chelsea, and how Chelsea looks so eager, and excited to have her teaching her I knew that she would be a perfect match for Noah too. 

Noah began taking lessons earlier this month, and she truly is amazing with technique, and Noah caught on super quick. I know it helps having sisters play the piano who have taught him from time to time in the past year, but this little guy can sit still, and already knows the main keys to playing. 
// The first time I took him I was just sitting back glancing at him, and watching him sit straight up. I mean, just look at that posture! It's as if he has a rod in his back! //

I am so proud of all my kids, and their desire to want to learn new things, and play an instrument. When I first asked Noah if he wanted to take piano lessons he said "no." Kind of disappointment me for a second, but when I told him how his teacher is so kind, has grandkids of her own who are his age, and loves little kids just like his kindergarten teacher, he changed his mind real quick. I told him it would be fun, and that she gives a treat after the lesson for playing so well. I tried not to push him, and bribing him is the last thing I want to do. Luckily I didn't have to do that. So far he loves it, and always looks forward to his lessons.  He's so cute that as soon as we get home from the lesson he'll pull out his book from his piano bag, set it on the piano stand, and start playing his notes, and reading them out loud. I am so pleased with him that he hasn't thrown any tantrums as to not wanting to take them anymore. I sure hope he doesn't grow weary of taking lessons, but I know seeing the example of his sisters playing will encourage him more. I also feel that having the right teacher makes a huge difference for the child to find joy, and fulfillment in playing.  A teacher who actually knows what she's doing, and teaching for the right reasons. Not for the numbers so she can make money, but because she loves her kids, and has a true passion for teaching. Piano isn't for everybody, and I'm so grateful that all my girls took to playing, and that they will continue to do so. 
I sure hope that this is the beginning to hopefully a promising outcome for our little boy. 

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