Friday, January 15, 2016

Temple Day With Sierra!

Yesterday I totally balled like a baby when I saw my daughter in her temple dress getting ready to go through for the first time. I hugged her so tight, and cried so hard. It was a surreal moment for me, and something that I still can't believe has happened. Not because she wasn't ready, but because she was indeed ready, and in my eyes she'll always be my baby girl. If I cried this much while she went through the temple for her mission, I can't even imagine how I'm going to react when the time comes for her to get married! I'm sure it'll be easier as each kid grows up, and although I see all my kids as special individuals this one has come along way in all that she has done, and prepared to get to this spiritual point in her life. 

And I hope she'll never forget it! 

Here are a few photos from our special day! 
 // Even in the middle of winter, attending the temple is a beautiful place. The weather was perfect. No freezing temps, and good enough to snap a few shots without our coats on! //
 // Okay...some random lady snapped this shot of us in a hurry, and it's the only one she took. Not the best quality, but in my eyes it's picture perfect! Thanks to sierra's editing expertise! ///
// After the temple we at ate 2 Amys which is literally the best pizza in the District! //
 // A very nice man offered to take our photo as Jon was pulling the car closer to the visitors center. It was such a sunny day, and I think he captured this shot perfectly! //
// Proud papa. //

President Gordon B. Hinckley said, "The temple is a point of intersection between heaven and earth. In this sacred place, holy work will be performed through selfless service, and love. The temple reminds me of all that is good, and beautiful in this world." 

I'm so grateful for the temples that are built upon this earth that strengthens, and binds us together as eternal families. Sierra is going to experience a lot as she departs to the Philippines to share the joy that comes from the Lord, the goodness that's inside of her, and the reason behind what helps her stand firm. The gospel of Jesus Christ is what helps us hang on to the modern chaos that occurs in the world, and as President Hinckley stated... going to the temple is one thing that helps us to remember that life is beautiful. 

For spiritual inspiration read this

Here's to a great weekend! 

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