Monday, February 1, 2016


// The time for this kid is just flying by and I'm in denial because before we know it he'll be turning lucky seven! Wait...he just turned six three months ago! Why am I even thinking that? It's hard not to when they speak in clearer sentences, and count over 100, and basically act like a tiny adult! I love how he keeps me entertained, and laughing every day. He's just like his dad. They both make me laugh, and that's a wonderful trait to have! I love my boy, and with a new month beginning am going to make his young years worth living for! //

Here are a few of the funniest, and just "off the wall" things he's said lately that I've remembered to remember!  

Mommy, my body is saying, "I want to play on the computer."

While gathering to say family prayer one night we were waiting for Noah to come into the room. I called out to him, and said, "Noah, are you asleep?" There's a long pause, and then he says "yes." I said, "get in here so we can have prayer please!" And then he walked into the room.

We were holding hands inside the house walking from my bedroom to his room, and he says, "you don't have to hold my hand, we're not crossing the street we're inside the house."

As I was putting out the valentines day decorations he asks, "mom, is it love day? Is today hearts day?" He's catching on the concept of Valentines day that's for sure! 

So Noah got a lot of jigsaw puzzles for Christmas last year, and when we opened one up he saw the box, and said, "This puzzle cost 100 dollars!!?!!" I said, "no papa, it has 100 pieces." LOL! 

So I lost my temper the other day with Noah because of the bickering he still does with his sister, and although he's not the instigator I yelled out loud, and said, "please, enough! Stop it, both of you, now!" He then said, "mom! you scared the crap of me!" 

To his sister Chelsea, "Chelsea, I don't want to be a mean guy anymore to you, I want to be a nice guy. I want to be a better brother...okay?"

While cleaning up, and tidying up the house for me he'll be uttering the letters,  "N-O-A-H. N-O-A-H. N-O-A-H is my name. N-O-A-H that's my name!" 

"Mommy guess what?" Me: "What?" "I have five superheroes." Me: "yeah, who are they?" I'm expecting him to say batman, spiderman, green lantern, captain avenger, or iron man. He says, "they are you, daddy, Lexie, Sierra, and Chelsea." My heart melted. 

// You seriously have to be around him to hear these musings of his in person. He's so cute, and I honestly can't get enough of him. Time with him is never wasted. Staying home with him until he's off to school is the best part of my morning. I love that he's growing up. I love his curious mind that allows him to ask questions, and progresses him to learn all about life! //

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