Friday, February 5, 2016

Four More Days...

The day we dropped off Sierra at the airport last month when she came for a visit was a bit of a mess. We left later than we should due to the fact that she looked at her departure time incorrectly. Luckily she was able to make it back to Utah on a later flight and that she  made it home safely. Word to the wise...make sure you always double check what time your departure time is! Although I'm grateful that she took the time out of her busy schedule the time she spent here with us was too short. Five days was not enough to spend quality time with her, but we sure made the quality of that short time spent with her worth it. Sometimes it's impossible to be able to see your friends while visiting, but there comes a time where they have to understand that "there's not enough time, but I'll see you when I get back." However, I'm glad she was able to see a couple of good friends while she was here, and that she was able to enjoy herself. Call me selfish but after not seeing her for an entire year except for the four days she spent with us this past December I really wanted us to have her all to ourselves. Seeing her friends does help put her at ease, and  I'm grateful for those who contacted her to make time for her. It truly reminded her of some of the good she left behind in Jersey. 

She has four more days left before she enters the MTC to train as a missionary, and very little time to finish all the preparations. Another word to the not procrastinate, and as much as you love your friends you got to limit the time spent with them...otherwise, homesickness will severely kick in once you leave for your mission! Hopefully Sierra will not have that issue, and that she will be "homesick free", focused, and ready to be a missionary. 

Since I'm not around to help her get all the last minute preparations done I'm extremely grateful for my mother-in-law to be a part of this special time in her life, and help her out. I wish with all my heart that I can be there full, front, and center to experience, and share this glorious chapter in her life, but it isn't possible. Nor would I be able to leave two young children alone in the house. With a husband working, and a very busy teenager there is no way I could have flown out. Call it bad timing, but I'm grateful for all my friends and family out west who were able to attend her farewell. That really meant a lot to me! There were people who came who hadn't seen her since we moved 10 years ago! She was 11 y'all, and will be turning 21 on her mission this year! I can't believe it's been that many years since we left Utah. I'm happy that she has made new friends since moving back to Utah two years ago. 

Her farewell talk at church was so uplifting and spiritual. Very well prepared, and straight from the heart. It was by far one of the best talks I've heard in a looooonngggg time, and I'm so happy she made made arrangements for someone to record it for me. I only wish she would have recorded her special musical number which included her playing the piano. She was hoping her friend Marshall McDonald would come, but he's a very busy guy and couldn't attend. She played one of his songs, and after she heard he couldn't make it became less nervous! She didn't want to slaughter his song by messing it up in front of him, but from what everyone told me she was phenomenal! I am so grateful that she has been blessed with this talent so that she can use it on her mission, and bless others with music!  

I'm just so proud that she has chosen this path in wanting to serve The Lord. It's something so personal that requires a lot of praying, growth, a true sense of surety, and major strength with no doubt, to decide in the end to serve a mission. Although she says says she's a bit nervous, and doesn't quite know what to expect she'll grow, and prosper, and with the right mindset will be an amazing missionary. 

I have faith in her, and have so much gratitude for everyone who has been there in her life up to this point in order for her to get to her where she's at in making this final decision to serve a church mission. 

According to my mother-in-law preparing to send a missionary out into the world is a lot of work, and requires a lot of time, and preparation. She did it with two of her own, and now her firstborn granddaughter. Especially when you have one going international! Thank goodness I have my in laws to help. Without them I honestly don't know who would be helping her prepare, and in buying her all the necessities that she needs! I'm grateful that I can at least offer Sierra my emotional support, and anything I can "fix" for her from a distance. 

I know in this previous post I mentioned face timing her everyday until the day she leaves, but both realized that it's best if we lessened our time on the phone. Besides, she's been way too busy with finalizing everything before she departs. I am grateful she was able to go to the temple a couple of times again, and to attend the Provo City Center temple open house. What a beautiful temple! She sure is lucky to be surrounded by so many wonderful temples! 

I will be talking to her before she leaves, and then that's it! She'll be off serving for 18 months! Luckily I have three kids at home who will keep me on my toes, and less "sierra sick." Then again, she's been away from me long enough to get used to not having her here. I hope that doesn't sound unfeeling, but I feel as if I've pretty much let go of her reigns. I know at times I'll miss face timing her, but I know that receiving her weekly emails will strengthen me in knowing that she is doing a marvelous work, and that she is exactly where she needs to be.

I'm already beginning to feel all the feelings, and have faith thatall will  be well with her when she departs! 
She only has four more days y'all! So if there are any of you who would like to send her any last minute wishes via text, email, or Facebook I suggest you do it soon! 

Happy weekend! 

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