A Nostalgic Childhood Memory.

Awwww to be a kid again when our moms (at least my mom) did her best on her own to keep our days simple, and happy. Every time we'd walk out of a Gibson's or a Kroger store (do y'all remember those) I would ask her, "mommy, can i have a piece of gum, and she'd respond in Spanish, "Si, no mas uno." And then I'd see the machine next to it with cheap gold rings, and toys inside a huge plastic bubble case, and ask if I can have one of those too. 

Although she'd hesitate, she'd oblige every single time. She'd be digging into her coin purse to look for more change. Back then they had nickel, dime, and quarter slots and it never failed....she would always give me change so that I can get that nice plastic ring that was all the way at the top. 

Over the weekend we were at Ollie's, and obviously these machines still exist today except that they now require a quarter or two. Noah saw a ninja inside one of the machines, and just had to have it. Now I'm not one to give him anything and everything at the drop of a hat, but my momma heart couldn't say no. How can i say no to something that he rarely asks for? I didn't care about how crappy the toys inside those machines looked. I just wanted to see my kid happy the way I was every time I'd ask my mom for something from the coin machines. 

For most adults it may look like a waste of money, but behind a child's eyes it isn't. And if you take a good look at the big picture, especially at the memories that are etched in our minds of our simple, and joyful childhood memories, things that kids want from a coin machine can look more than a treasure, and a real gold ring, instead of a bunch of plastic crap.

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