Our 4th Of July Celebration!

Our 4th of July celebration consisted of endless walking among new york crowds, in high humidity, eating good food where we spent most our time downtown touring the federal building, and walking along various streets in the city where there were lots of balloons!  

Oh...and let's not mention the pit stop we did at Coney Island where they hold their annual hot dog eating contest!  Since hot dogs are Noah's favorite he had me take a picture of him! 
One thing i want to mention is never again. Never again will I go to Coney on the 4th. As much as i love Coney Island we will not go on independence day! Any other day in the summer is fine, but not on the fourth of July! No way. We still had a good time getting through the crowds where we headed back to gantry state park where the fireworks were to be displayed, but before we parked 15 blocks to get to Gantry to see the fireworks we mostly spent our day downtown where we toured the federal building, and saw the largest american flag on display! 
Now this crowd wasn't too bad, but when we left to go to gantry an hour early to see the fireworks it was unbelievable! Tons, and tons of  people, but we were lucky to get a good enough view of them, but again...I think I'd rather watch the fireworks in a low key place somewhere in the burbs, or a quaint little park where there aren't too many people. We did it, and it was fun, but it's something we will not make as tradition.  
I'm glad the kids had fun, and I know that they will always remember this day! \

Have a good weekend folks! 

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