A Pioneer Trek in Virginia!

When our church cancelled trek last summer due to a major thunderstorm we were all a bit disappointed especially since some of the youth had never experienced it. Luckily Lexie was one of the few who had already experienced trek the year before in a different state, but she had been looking forward to going again. When we heard they were having it this year Lexie was excited. See, this is her last year to go in her teens, and would like to experience the feelings she felt two years ago as well as remembering all that she learned from her first trek experience. Especially when it comes to her heritage. 
This morning about 70 youth gathered at 6am to depart on their journey for a three day trek in Virginia. This will be a safe, and secure area where the location is well prepared in case of a storm, and it is a well done trail. It is specifically made for the purpose of trek. Anyone who organizes a pioneer trek in this part of the country will be able to use the land. 
It'll be such a great experience for those who have never gone, and if they choose to have a great time will come back spiritually fed, and rejuvenated...wondering how the pioneers back in the 1800's endured such resistance. If the pioneers back then trekked pulling handcarts during the worse winter in history I know that these youth can endure it during this heat wave. As long as they stand strong, and stay hydrated they will be fine. Lexie trekked in North Carolina where it was hot, and humid and even rained on them on their last day. Regardless of the rain, and heat her company endured to the end. 
After all, a little rain doesn't hurt anybody! 
Yep...she had a great experience! 

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