"We Don’t Need To Be The Same To Be One."

I love this video that my church put out recently and with all the crazy, sad things that are going on in the world with our government, politics and, families being separated  that we can shed some light by being "that person" who chooses light over darkness. Hope over despair. Joy over sadness, and LOVE instead of hate. 

The video reminded me of how far I have come to be the person I am today, and of the life that I have lived that has led me to this point. Even at my age I need a reminder of strength as to how I can be, all while knowing, and realizing that there is only one me. That I have a voice, and that in some ways I can help others.

"Be yourself. Everyone is taken" by Oscar Wilde comes to mind whenever I feel the need to give my kids a pep talk in reminding them to be themselves. 

"In a world where you can be anything...Be Kind" also comes to mind when any of my children come home from school, or work  telling me all about some mean girl or boy treating others badly. I know that by teaching them, and constantly talking to them about not judging, and accepting others as they are will help them be a good example to others, and will help them throughout their days of always doing their best in being kind to everyone no matter what. Without being taken advanatge of. 

It's a rough world out there, but it is a beautiful one too. It is up to us to make our life a good one, and to remind others that we can always choose hope over despair. 

I hope that by watching this video we will be reminded that we are all different and have the choice to be kind all while being striving to learn who we are, and how different we are among each other. Just as the words in the video describe...

In the Beginning God made 
Heaven and Earth
Light and Dark
man and woman
no two finger prints are alike 
no two people are the same
we LOOK different  
we SOUND different
we ACT different
we BELIEVE different 
But we can be different
And still be TOGETHER

We can be KIND
We can be PATIENT
Over and Over again
Because we don't have to be the same 

I absolutely love these words, and hope that it will remind us of who we are, and how we can be. 

Have a great week folks! 

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