Thursday, September 25, 2014

Apple Picking On My Birthday.

Another year, another birthday, and with my birthday came autumn. Where does the time go! There are some days where I'd like to stop this thing called "time" so that I can reflect in that given moment for like "eternity",  but as we grow older so do our kids, and luckily we have traditions that keep us going that makes us look forward to the years ahead. 

Such as apple picking...
As it each birthday passes it seems as if my special day gets simpler, and easier in celebrating (which I don't mind), but I have to say that this particular birthday was one of the best days of my life. After having a pretty rough night in which I won't get into detail this day made up for it in every shape, and form! First of all my husband was off of work so we were able to spend it together with the kids. It was a weekday so we didn't do anything extravagant. We waited for Chelsea to get out of school so we could go apple picking. I felt a little guilty not taking Lexie with us because she was at the school until 8Pm! She has been a busy body ever since school began so this year she missed out on apple picking. I told her  we'd make it up to her by taking her pumpkin picking next month.

We drove out to Terhune Orchards in Princeton, and this was the cutest orchard I've ever been too. It has all the amenities a child can only dream of, and everyone was super friendly! The first thing Noah wanted to do was grab a wagon, but they are only used to hold pumpkins, and even though I could have grabbed one for him to sit on I explained to him that "we aren't here to go pumpkin picking, we're here to go apple picking." His response, "oooooookaaaaay mom...let's go pick them apples."
So off we went to "pick them apples." It's a good thing we didn't wait for the weekend to go because everything looked a little picked over. We did manage to pick a few, and while picking the kids were eating.
^^^No more sitting on papas shoulders  to pick apples. Chelsea has gotten tall enough to pick her own. Those days of having her on papas shoulders picking apples are bittersweet. and over (insert frown emoji face here!) ^^^

Apple picking is such a fun time for the kids. It gives them the opportunity to be carefree, and goof around for a bit which in some cases I did, and didn't mind.
 ^^^ Chelsea pretending to have apple eyes. She picked these two apples, and ate one of them on the way home. ^^^
^^^Noah kept "singing" the words, "get out of my way" (no, it's not a hit) while walking down the orchard kicking apples. We called it "apple soccer." ^^^

After picking them apples we walked around the grounds of this quaint orchard, and every where I turned we saw nothing but color. Color, color, color. Fall is definitely my favorite because of the colors! Oh how I love the colors of fall. Did I mention there was so much color? Including the color of this beautiful calico cat that was roaming around the entire property.
                                                           ^^^ See what I'm saying...color, color, color. ^^^
^^^ One favorite thing the kids like to do in the fall is pumpkin painting, and here a few of the pumpkins a few kids painted while we were there. I'm telling you...pops of color! ^^^
^^^ Noah was adamant in getting a pumpkin. I told him we'll go next month, and pick one out in the field! Stubborn kid. ^^^
   ^^^Huge mums, pumpkins, buckets of apples to name a few which adds color to the beautiful season of fall. ^^^
The kids about died when they saw a mini playground, a swing, and this mini maze made out of hay in which Noah couldn't help to jump around in. 
^^^ love his fly-away hair. ^^^
                              ^^^ and these old tractor trucks in which Noah had a fun time pretending to drive in. ^^^

                                                 ^^^ Noah literally hit "rock" bottom when he slid down this slide! ^^^
                                                                    ^^^ Scarecrow girl, and tractor boy. ^^^
^^^ Every little boy' s dream...truck trikes. ^^^
 ^^^ Let us not forget those apple cider donuts we enjoyed eating while sitting on a picnic table enjoying the view of a tiny pond. ^^^
It truly was a beautiful, company, and all! Seeing the kids having a good time, laughing, and running around made my day bright with joy. I couldn't have asked for anything more on my birthday, but to spend it in Princeton in an orchard picking delicious apples with a few members of my sweet family. 

I love this time of year! 

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