Wednesday, October 24, 2012

apple picking & the red barn.

One thing I never did ever until I moved to Jersey was pick apples with our kids. I never did it in Texas, or North Carolina, or Utah. The only thing I would pick from a tree in Utah were apricots in my mother-in-laws backyard, and that was about it.

This is another reason why I love Fall!

For the past four years we have made it a tradition to go to one of our favorite orchards to pick some apples. My better half tagged along, and he really had a blast with the kiddos helping them pick the best apples.
Since the time for apple picking is almost over, we were lucky enough to have the whole place to ourselves.
There were so many apples thrown on the ground. It makes me feel bad because I think of those children who are hungry, and when I see apples thrown on the ground I think it's a waste. Oh well...that's how orchards roll I guess.
Chelsea has picked apples with us before, and this was Noah's official first time. He was a baby when I first took him, and all he did was sleep in his carseat until we were done. Chelsea was such a helpful sister showing Noah which apples are good to pick.
and so did dad.
Now that he is older, and he knows what an apple is...he absolutely LOVES them. The apple is one his favorite fruits, and has been for at least a year now.
and boy do will we have fun baking apple pie with apples picked from an apple tree.
pink lady apples picked from the orchard.
After we picked apples we decided to cruise around the country side of South Jersey. We found this red barn, and oh... how I love barns! It didn't look abandoned, yet there was no one around so we decided to just let the kids explore.
Noah was hoping to find some horses in the barn, but even though we knew there weren't any we decided to pretend there were.

Knock knock...Noah was knocking against the barn to see if he could hear any neighing or some kind of noise. I was playing along with him.
We were doing this for quite a while, and I think he knew there were no animals in the barn. 
We still had fun just hanging out on this beautiful sunny day with the perfect fall weather,
and it was a perfect day spent with our two youngest!
I loved, loved this day!

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