Sunday, September 7, 2014

For The Love Of The Game.

Ever since Sierra began to play tennis back in her junior year my goal was to take her to see the U.S. Open and watch Roger Federer play...but to no avail! Time just flew right out of our hands at that time, and September came and flew by real quick throughout her senior year as well, and we just didn't make that a top priority. Now that Lexie has begun to play we talked about going, but with school starting right in the middle of it, and Jon starting his new job there's no way we could have fit that fun number in. That's what happens when spontaneous people such as myself think it's okay not to plan, and just go with the flow without saving any money for a specific outing. Well...since we missed the U.S. Open this year I guarantee we'll be going next year, and we are definitely going to plan, and save so that we can possibly go to more than one game! That''s how serious we've all become in playing tennis especially Lexie. Luckily for the Jorgensen family we all have a love for the game, and so we've had many practices with friends throughout the summer at the same time Lexie started practices for school. Chelsea has developed a love for it too, and so I have made it a goal to take Chelsea to the courts as much as I can now before it gets cold, & Noah twice a week to teach him how to play. I'm not a professional by any means but I can swing a racket (ever seen Two Weeks Notice?) Just kidding. I think Sandra Bullock played pretty well in this scene, but I do have potential, and "good serves" as Lexie says. So far she has done great in winning a doubles match as well as a singles match. If she keeps this up by the time she's a senior she'll be playing like a pro. 
Since Noah and I have 170 some odd days of school left to spend together at home alone we are going to include mini tennis matches in our schedule. I will teach him the best I can to play tennis, and I finally bought him a racket that fits him. Here he is in a couple of photos looking like a mini Andre Agassi. 
^^^ Just look at his face of concentration! ^^^ 

And a video too with his own personal cheering crowd.

His hits were solid and hit the net, not the rim of the racket. He missed a few balls, but what do you expect...he's four. I am so excited that he's eager to play this sport, and that he shows so much interest in it. 

So glad Chelsea & Noah are learning to play at an earlier age than their sisters did! I think my mothering is becoming more, and more encouraging, and much involved when it comes to sports as they get older! Yay me! 

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