Friday, September 5, 2014

A Back To School Post.

The night before school was a little chaotic. We rushed out to buy last minute school supplies, and things kind of felt a little off, and I'm not used to off. I'm used to being organized, and buying things a month in advance. It was ten o'clock at night when we finally read scriptures as a family, and when prayer was over I looked over at my tired husbands face, and said, "Aren't we missing something?" He looked over at me and said, "It's your turn to say the prayer." I then said to him, "I know that hun, but there's something else that we do before school starts. Every year since Sierra started pre-k. Every. Single. Year. For . The. Past. Eighteen years. Hellerrrr...

Father's blessings for the kiddos!

Because it was after labor day weekend Jon ended up coming home around eight o'clock from work, and was super exhausted. I'm sure delivering at least 175 packages in 90 degree weather hopping in and out of a truck driving all over creation in Jersey can do that to you. Lucky for him he doesn't mind driving.  He felt so bad that he didn't think of it first, and the fact that I didn't pick a "back to school" quote last year, or even this year made me feel a little sad, and disappointed in myself!

There was a quote I read by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, and after reading his talk about defending our beliefs I knew I had to use this quote not only for the school year, but for always. Again I got this idea from Stephanie Nielson, and she also happened to choose the same quote as her "theme" for her kids school year. She goes all out with a feast, and decorations. She's so creative where I only go as far as encouraging my kids with words to not forget the quote, and what it means (especially for our younger children) all year long. I'm not afraid to admit that I duplicated her quote this year, but the fact that I was so unprepared, and trying to find one at the last minute was exhausting, and because this is the time when our children need to seriously stand up for themselves and defend who they are reading these words will be a strength to them. 

"Be strong. 
Live the gospel faithfully 
even if others around you don't live it at all.
 Defend your beliefs with courtesy 
and with compassion, but defend them."

This quote will be hung on our wall as they walk out the door as a reminder for them to always defend their beliefs and be strong. So after showing them the quote on the poster Jon gave them a father's blessing, hugs and kisses were exchanged and off they went to be tucked into bed. 


This is when I feel lucky to live in a coast where school starts a couple of days after labor day. Kind of gives me time to recuperate, and prepare for the school year which in all honesty I wasn't quite ready...until the morning school began! I have really grown to love summer regardless of those hot, and humid days. What would summer be without them? Then again...I am looking forward to fall, and even though I was a little "off" the night before school started I felt totally "on" the next morning. I got all pumped as the kids were getting ready for school. Chelsea laid out her clothes the night before, and was asking Noah (out of all people) to help her choose which outfit she should wear for Friday. 
I honestly can't believe Lexie is in high school. Didn't I just have this girl graduate last year?? I remember when we first moved to Jersey Lexie was in the third grade. Third! How did that happen?? She was so laid back that morning. I woke up in a panic at 6:15 in the morning shouting, "Lexie, are you awake?"  Jon told me that she was awake and in the bathroom. I should have known. One thing about her is that she doesn't have a hard time waking up on her own during the school year. She's so easy going, accepts what's ahead for her, and although she was excited for school admitted to me that she was a tad bit nervous. Then when she came home from school she was all smiles (just as she is in this picture) because she met some really cool kids in her class, and was sweaty-tired due to having tennis practice and pep band afterwards. 

One thing for sure is that I'm super excited to have Noah staying home with me for one more year. I now this year is going to fly by like a leer jet, and I promised him that we are going to do fun things together,  go to various parks, and play lots of tennis. He has grown to have a love for tennis, so when the girls leave we are going to have ourselves a couple of matches a week. I am excited to teach him new things, and even though I'm not a master at tennis, or artsy, and super crafty we are going to learn together, and explore. I pinned all these things on pinterest for us to do,  and so this year I have made it a goal to accomplish some of them. It'll be like having our own little private preschool in our home, and prepare him to become this super smart kid when he starts kindergarten next year. So happy that I'm not sending him off to "work" so soon. 

And he looks pretty content. 
As far as Sierra goes it did feel a bit weird not having her here with her sibs taking photos but we sure do miss her. She is working hard, and taking a break off of school this semester, and will return in the Spring.  We hope she'll finally make a trip out here in the fall, and/or Christmas break! 

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**And a special thanks to Lexie for her zentangle skills in making these signs for her sibs the night before school began! 

Happy weekend, and hope you're kids enjoyed their first day/week of school! 

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