Friday, August 19, 2016

Beach Trip With New Friends At Bradley Beach.

Words cannot describe how blessed we are to have met some great people. 

Normally when one moves into a new area going to activities whether in our community, or at church may not seem like fun to newcomers, but for us...we were all for it. I have long since realized that in order to get out of my comfort zone, I need to get involved with going to activities in my community, and at church, lose myself in service, and fellowship like no other. 

Yesterday, the kids and I drove to Bradley Beach to meet up with the young women, and a few sisters from our church, including the Bishop's wife for an "almost end of summer fun beach trip." I just love these group of girls, and the sisters in our new congregation are pretty awesome too. These young women took Lexie under their wing, and made her feel welcomed since day one. Although Lexie misses her friends, and leaders back in our old congregation, she is grateful to have made some new ones. 

And so am I. 

We all had so much fun getting to know each other on a temporal level, and just laughed at how our girls were being in the water. It was relaxing, and stress free. There was no drama, or awkwardness. Just pure fun, and joy. We were all genuinely enjoying each others company eating homemade chocolate chip cookies (thanks Sister Neilson), and just soaking up the sun. Truly didn't want it to end.
As you can see I only took one photo, and a selfie of the kids and I upon leaving. I was having too much fun to be on my phone. There are only two snaps on my snapchat from this day (which you can view at r_jorgensen), but other than that my interest was in having fun with my kids, and getting to know my new sisters better. 

This was our first time at Bradley beach, and it is really pretty. Next time we come I'll take more pictures, but because I was among good people didn't worry about picture taking this time. 

So thankful for these wonderful ladies, and for the girls for making us all feel as if we are part of their church family. 

As it should be. 

And if it wasn't, well...I would still be who I am loving, and being accepting of others no matter what. And that's the beauty of the gospel is accepting people for who, and how they are. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and enjoying this low key, somewhat kind of less humid heat! 

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