Monday, August 1, 2016

A Birthday Celebration With Pizza & the Beach!

This past weekend was just too much fun, and the fact that I got to spend it all day with another great friend and her daughters made it all better! Going to the beach with these girls on Myesha's birthday might as well become tradition. Last year we went to Sea Isle for her birthday, and they had so much fun taking in the july sun, getting all sandy, and their favorite part, splashing in the waves! There is way too much fun going on in these pictures, and did my best to take a few great shots without dropping my phone!! Seriously need to invest in a go-pro, and waterproof case cover for my iPhone! 

This day was too perfect, and we all wish it wouldn't end. I can tell that the girls didn't want to leave the beach, and when it was time to take them home can tell that both Myesha, and her sis didn't want to say goodbye. We love them so much, and wish we still lived close enough to where we can hang out every day...especially in the summer time! 

Here are a few photos of the birthday girl, and the rest of the crew. 
We started the day taking her out for lunch to her favorite food...Pizza!! One of the pros about where I now live are the great pizza places they have, and we took her to papas tomato pies. Soooooo good! 
Noah giving her a birthday hug...he missed her!
And now for some beach photos! 

 see what i mean by splashing!!!

waiting for the waves...
 Little boy in the blue taking in the waves! He loves running away from them! 
 Can't believe how beautiful and grown my girl is getting. She's so pretty! 
 me, my boy, and my fly away hair! 
 As much as i love the beach I try not to get to much sand on me, but for these kids they wouldn't care less. They love digging in it, being buried in it, playing with it, and sitting on it! 

 mommy long legs. Yeah right! I wish. 
waiting for fried oreos! 
What an amazing day it was for everyone. I personally didn't want to leave either, but had to get home. We are already planning a sleep over so the girls can stay all day as opposed to two hours. That's what happens when distance separates us, and we don't have enough time in the day to have a long beach day. 

Hope you enjoyed your birthday Myesha, and see y'all next time! 


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