Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Scenes of Mystic, CT In A Video.

Summer is not summer without venturing out to one of our favorite spots in the world, and with summer quickly winding down decided at the last minute to drive three hours to one of our favorite gems, Mystic. 
The kids are always down for pizza, and even more down when we are near the ocean, and Mystic seaport is always the perfect spot for us to go to where we can walk down the harbor, and down main street to window shop, and buy a little something if needed, and of course to eat at our favorite pizza place, Mystic Pizza! 
And have some yummy dessert at one of our favorite ice cream spots. 
This blog post will be super short because of all the numerous other posts I've written about Mystic which you can read here, here, and here. Also because I want to spend as much time with the kids before school resumes, and don't want to be on the computer too much. Besides...who reads this blog anyway, or reads other blogs during the summer. 
So instead of taking numerous photos I decide to make a little video of our trip instead, and I hope you enjoy it! 


Happy wednesday, and hope y'all enjoy the rest of the summer before it's gone! 

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  1. Wow, Mystic Pizza! I loved that movie, haha. Cute photos! I'd love to visit CT someday! I've never been.