Wednesday, August 10, 2016

We Heart Tennis.

For the past few weeks since summer began the kids and I have tried our best to go to the courts to practice on whatever they need to work on. Each of them, including myself needs to practice more on something different. Even though Lexie tells me I have good form, I know I can rock at tennis if I only took lessons. Lessons are expensive, and when you have three kids who want private lessons, well...they can add up and sometimes you need to make those sacrifices for them. Luckily Lexie is a rockstar at playing tennis, and with her knowledge will teach Chelsea a bit so that helps me save some money over the summer. I will throw balls at Noah in hopes that he will hit them, and also work on his form. He's getting pretty good, but having a playground right next to the courts doesn't help his concentration. I swear every court we have found in our area has a playground, and he always wants to play in it. I figure let him be a kid, and it's okay if we don't get our full 30 minutes of hitting balls, and working on his swing. I want him to love the sport, not hate it! So we always have an agreement that when we come play tennis that we can play one game, hit a few balls for ten minutes, and then he can play at the park. So far that agreement has been working since he started taking lessons last spring

The kids all play pretty well together, and when I see that they have a passion for playing tennis it makes me super happy. Chelsea will help Lexie at her game by hitting the ball at her so Lexie can work on her serves. I think Lexie rocks at tennis, but she is her own worst critic though, and feels as if she can do better. Yes, she can always do better. We all can! That's why we practice, and because of the move, and all haven't frequented the courts too much this summer. Luckily with the few practices that we put in our schedule so far have helped Lexie. She is going on her third year of tennis, and hope that she will shine in her new school, and that she will have a great tennis partner this year. 

When we went the other day to play tennis that's exactly what we did. Play. Not take pictures. Sure I added a little snap on my snapchat (which my username is r_jorgensen), but for the most part we were all playing. There was no one on the courts to take pics while we were all in a game with each other, and I only managed to capture a few when the kids were done. 
Including a very sweaty Noah. 
I'm so glad to see that the girls play well together, and when Sierra comes and visits they all want to play a match with her. We love tennis, and hope that they will continue to have a love for the game as they continue to grow older. 
Especially Noah since he would like to play on the BYU tennis team! We have many years to go for him to be prepared so good thing we started him young! That's if he'll still want to play that sport when he's older. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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