Friday, August 5, 2016

A Look Inside The David Bradley Chocolatier.

For the past eight years every time we we'd drive down Route 130 on our way to New York we'd always see the sign that read "David Bradley Chocolate Factory." As much as we are a big fan of chocolate I was never interested in stopping by. All I wanted to do was to get to our destination. On the third day we moved into our new place Noah kept asking me when we were going to go to the chocolate factory. I kept telling him that we needed to get situated first, and settle into the new house. Day after day he kept asking if we can go, and so on the second week of living here I caved, and finally took the kids to this so called chocolate factory. Mind you I was expecting it to be a huge factory where you take a tour, but it wasn't. It was the simplest, quaintest little factory with an amazing staff! And can you believe Lexie already has a part time job lined up for her this Christmas so she can earn a little cash. The women loved all of us, and even thought Chelsea was in high school! That girl's height, and personality is going to get everyone confused!.They totally offered them jobs...even me! Such a wonderful establishment with a staff that greets every single customer with a tray of chocolates to sample!!
I couldn't believe the tray I saw when we walked in. Kia was holding a tray with chocolate covered pineapples, strawberries, and blueberries! We sampled them all, and they were delicious. Aunt Charlotte's is amazing, but y'all gotta try this place too! The kids walked around looking at all the goodies, and there was a sample tray practically in every corner in the store. I personally don't have a huge sweet tooth, and have to be in the mood to eat some, and believe me I was in the mood on this day to have some! 
Once again Chelsea is such a good sport, and won't eat anything with caramel because of her braces. She did eat some chocolate covered pretzels, and a chocolate covered pineapple though and she was a happy camper. 
They make for great gifts too! 
Sometimes I wonder if Noah takes after me with the "no sweet tooth" because he just won't eat too much chocolate. He'll go straight towards anything gummy. He found some gummy savors, and ended up buying him some.
He also saw these chocolate cars in a bowl, and took a few videos of him on snapchat of him playing with them as if they were real. 
Lexie gave Noah a few samples he might like, but to no avail. He likes chocolate, but nothing fancy with flavor. He's a simple milk chocolate kind of kid, and only left with two chocolate race cars.
I only hope that he'll at least give chocolates to his future girlfriend, and wife on special occasions! You don't have to eat it, but you can buy it for someone else! 

I highly recommend coming here to sample a few chocolates, and to buy! It's absolutely tasty, and with school starting in a month would make great teacher gifts! 

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