Monday, August 22, 2016

Philadelphia Temple Tour With My Family.

Finally made it to the open house with my entire family, and wish that Sierra could have joined in this wonderful moment with us. Time from work permitted her from visiting us this summer before school started (which is today), but we both already have a temple trip planned together when she visits for the holidays! Can hardly wait!
I could tell how much the kids were looking forward to finally going inside. Noah thought it was especially funny wearing these huge white slippers on his feet! This temple inside is unique in it's own, and absolutely fascinating! Completely different in architecture compared to any other temple I've ever seen. The paintings inside were stunning! I have to say one of my favorites as I stepped foot inside the foyer was the one where Benjamin Franklin is signing the constitution, and of course the huge painting of Jesus Christ. Perfect spot for that photo. It's as if He is welcoming everyone with open arms entering inside the temple. I also love how the windows replicate those inside Independence Hall. Taking pictures inside the temple are prohibited, but if you'd like to see some you can view them here

Our kids stood in awe, and amazement when they walked inside noticing the checkered floors. I was whispering to Noah how exciting this must be for him to be entering the temple for the first time. He whispered back in my ear, and said, "this isn't my first time mom, remember when we went inside the Kirkland temple, that was my first time." I then said to him, "True, but the church doesn't own that temple anymore." He was like, "what do you mean "own." Lol! I wasn't going to go into detail as to why we don't own it. I'll explain that to him when we are at home doing a lesson or something! 
After the tour of the temple we went inside the visitors center where we saw some of our favorite sister missionaries. It was also nice to see so many people coming in to take the time to tour the temple, and to see what we are all about. The visitors center is always open to the public, and if you have any questions there are missionaries from our church willing to answer any questions you may have about the temple, and the religion. 

The temple grounds are beautiful, and you can go up on the balcony to capture a nice view of the temple, and what surrounds it. I am so grateful that our kids were able to attend the open house with us. This is a once in a lifetime experience for some of us especially for non-members. 

Just a reminder that on September 9th it will be dedicated, and closed forever to the public so if you are interested in going on a tour you can reserve tickets here.
Family is everything. I know that my Savior lives, and that He wants us to be with our families for all eternity. That is the beauty, and the purpose of why we have temples built upon this earth. So that we can be with our families forever. Both the living, and the ones who have passed on.
And it also my hope that our children will marry their future sweethearts in the temple.

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