Monday, May 7, 2018

Hoboken on Cinco De Mayo!

Here's hoping everyone had a fun weekend celebrating Cinco De Mayo. Even though I'm Mexican-American, and come from a state, and city where they celebrate big we were low key this past Saturday, and decided to spend our cinco de mayo in Hoboken. 

It had been a while since we've been there. When we venture out we usually go to New York, but tend to ignore the quaint, hipster town that's right across from the city. It's so cool to be able to get the best of both worlds while in Hoboken. New York seems so close when you're looking at it from across the river, yet it truly is another world compared to the cities in Jersey. 
We spent our evening downtown, and the kids brought their scooters, and scooted along the Hudson. If you're wondering where Lexie was she was out with a friend watching The Avengers. We missed her hanging out with us, but it was a fun evening with just these two. 
They could have scooted for hours, but luckily they took a few breaks in between, and played in the park sliding down this really cool slide! Even though Chelsea is 13 she loves playing with her bro, and is like a mom to him. Literally! Sometimes I have to tell her to check herself, and remind her that I'm the mom, not her. I'm grateful that she's protective, but sometimes she needs that reminder to tone it down a bit! 

We relaxed, and enjoyed the view of the city. Poor Jon was with us for awhile, but then his allergies started acting up. He gets them so bad, and so he while he sat down to rest, I ran around with the kids, and explored all along the Hudson with them
Chelsea captured a few photos of me and Noah together. I absolutely love these moments spent with my kids. I only wish Jon was in a few. Although this season is beautiful with blossoms, and flowers with perfect weather that only requires a light jacket in the evening Jon suffers from it! 

We switched roles, and I captured a few shots of them enjoying the small waves crashing against the rocks. This makes me look forward to our trips to the beach! 

Oh what a fun evening it was! We even managed to take a selfie with Jon before his allergies hit! It was so fun walking along the Hudson, and enjoying the view of the city. We truly feel blessed to be close to such  an amazing city without having to break our bank account just to have fun! 

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