Monday, May 21, 2018

Pretty In Pink.

OH what a weekend, and holy photos! Brace yourselves with this post because once again there's going to be a ton of photos! There will be a second post tomorrow with photos from the day of Lexie's actual prom. I went to town capturing different angles of this beautiful girl at Sayen gardens, and on top of that literally got a total of six hours of sleep throughout the entire weekend! 

There was so much going on with Lexie preparing for prom, and with the royal wedding taking place on the same day had me feeling all nostalgic, and emotional remembering Princess Diana's wedding, and seeing her youngest prince marrying his American princess on the same day as Lexie's prom was a bit overwhelming! Such a beautiful day for us, and for the Royal family! 
With all the rain we had this past week I was thinking of a place where I should take photos of Lexie. I used my brain, and thought of Sayen Gardens. It was an overcast, non-rainy day which made it the perfect place, and time to take photos. It's a good thing I thought of taking some pictures before the weekend because it rained all day on Saturday!! 
I absolutely love Lexie's sense of style. She is her own person, and doesn't follow the trends, or what's in. She was looking online for days looking for a dress when she finally gave up. There was one she found, but it was a little too much, and didn't want us to spend a lot of cash on a dress she's only going to wear once. That's when we went to Antrhopologie, and found this pink skirt! It was an amazing deal, and so I bought it. She found her lace top at H&M, and her gold sparkling shoes at a thrift store. I love that she's simple, and didn't have us overspend! 

And isn't she lovely! 
I captured more photos of her before Owen arrived to take pictures with her. He is such a handsome man, and I'm so glad he asked her to prom, and that he obliged to come and take photos with her the day before prom. 
His mom came, and brought her camera as well, and captured a few shots, and shared them with me. They came out really nice. I love how they were having fun with us moms taking their photo as if we weren't even there. Hashtag mamarazzi! 
Such an adorable couple! This is my American Princess with her handsome bud. I think you can see how much fun they had taking pics, and it wasn't even the day of their prom!

Looking forward to sharing more photos tomorrow. 

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