Friday, May 25, 2018

Looking Forward To A Long Weekend By Keeping It Old School.

 It's been such a nice week so far, and we are looking forward to the long weekend ahead. This week has been pretty busy with Noah's field day, scouts, and Chelsea's back to back choir concerts, and it's only going to get busier with piano recitals, and Lexie's scholarship dinners next week. That's what happens when you have three kids in three different schools!So many end of the year school functions, and those are signs that school is almost out! 

It has felt sooooooo good not documenting, and recording every single moment of my week which included Noah's field activities, and Chelsea's concerts. 

I'm trying to keep it old school, and not use my phone too much. I think of the times when we attended Sierra's piano recitals, and middle school concerts including her 8th grade graduation, and how nice it was to just sit, and watch. I mean really observe. I remember every detail of those moments because i wasn't hiding behind a camera constantly taking pictures. We did all that afterward. I loved taking pictures with our old school Nikon where everything was on film, and burned on a CD if anything was recorded.

I also remember not having to use GPS, and going rogue while living in Texas, North Carolina, and Utah. Then again it's easier to get around Utah because of the mountains. They help you know which direction to go if you get lost. I miss finding hidden gems on my own without having to use google to look something up. I miss being Jon's navigator while looking at a map. I don't even think they have state maps in print anymore.

I have depended on GPS so much while living here, and living in this area GPS is really helpful to use especially since we are literally surrounded by farmland. After living here for 10 years  I've actually gotten to the point of not using GPS too much (unless I'm driving in the boonies). I blame it on  Jon being a UPS driver, and for all the driving i do, and now that I've lived in North jersey for two years have become more familiar with the area. I don't need GPS anymore to go to New York anymore! 

We love traveling by car which makes it easier for us to be familiarized with all the places we go especially if we frequent them often which we usually do. 

Here's hoping that everyone has a wonderful memorial day weekend, and that as you have fun to also remember the purpose of this holiday. 

Go rogue if you're planning a road trip close to home, and be in the moment with your friends, or family by unplugging your phone, and not feeling the need to video, or snap chat every single move you make. 

I love taking pictures, and i can't help that, but it's nice to just be able to walk around a city, or eat at a restaurant without having to snapchat what you eat, and having your phone glued to your hand! 

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