Tuesday, May 29, 2018

A Visit to President Grant's Tomb On Memorial Day.

Along the banks of the Hudson river there is a hidden gem called The General Grant National Memorial. It is known as Grant's tomb, and it is the largest mausoleum in the United States. President Ulysses S. Grant and his wife Julia are both buried inside. The story behind President Grant is impressive, and noble. I didn't know very much about his background, and all that he designated, and stood for, but he was definitely a man of integrity, and hard work. 

I love Memorial day. Not because of the BBQ's and road trips, but because of the purpose behind it. Our fallen soldiers. There is so much history in this part of the country about the civil war, and the 13 colonies. We are all history buffs and are always fascinated by stories about our fallen heroes. And President Grant was one of the them. 

So in honor of this day we went on a tour which lasted about an hour, and watched a 20 minute video inside the visitors center all about President Grant. It was so interesting, and educational that Noah sat listening quietly throughout the length of the film. It was amazing, and that's how you know you have a little history buff in your hands. When they sit still with their jaw open, and ask questions about the documentary afterward.
Lexie was bummed that she didn't make this trip with us. She had a major video group project to do and this was the only day everyone could get together. President Grant's tomb will always be there, and you only get graded once on a project! We told her all about it, and looks forward to going. It definitely is a place where I would go again. 

Before the tour we walked around a bit, and took photos. You know me and photos, I just love taking them, The kids brought their scooters, and rode around for a while before the next tour began. It was so nice not having such a big crowd. Apparently the city is quite empty during Memorial weekend because all the new yorkers all go out of town. 
Here are a few photos i took, and one that Chelsea took of  us! 

We had such a great morning spending it by learning all about President Grant. So grateful that the kids were not bored. I notice the interest Noah has as he gets older in things that happened in real life. He likes true war stories, and next to fictional superheroes he is beginning to grasp on to the real super heroes. Those who died for our country, and continue to put themselves in harms way just so we can continue on with our freedoms. We are forever grateful to those who have served, and continue to serve. 

Happy Memorial Day, and hope yours was a good one! 

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