Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Lexie & Owen: Senior Prom '18

Helping Lexie getting ready for prom had me feeling a bit melancholy too knowing that this is it. Her final prom, and the ending of her high school career. She has about 20 more days left of her senior year, and in all honesty I hope she finds joy in them rather than wanting to just graduate already! Which she pretty much is soooooooooo ready to move to the next chapter of her! 

This past weekend was not only fun for her, but for me as well! I'm still trying to catch up on my sleep from the weekend and gathering my photos, and looking at all the photos that Owen's mom sent me was a bit overwhelming! That's what happens when your email gets blown up with over 50 images! I didn't mind, and really appreciate Kristen's photo magic! 
I captured a few close up shots of when they exchanged boutonnieres and the corsage.  Kristen and I took more photos before they headed out to a friends where more couples gathered around to take more photos.

And here they are walking down the red carpet looking all cool with their shades with Wendy's bags which is their favorite place to eat. Owen is such a character, and love him for who he is. He is just as unique as Lexie is which is why they get along so well. That and they have soooooooo much in common! 

After the red carpet they headed out on really nice buses for dinner, dancing, and fun until sun up...literally! She came home at 5am safe and sound. She had so much fun at this prom, and had complete trust in the school system with their lock down at the funplex where all the kids were safe, and not getting wasted! 

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