Friday, May 18, 2018

Under The Blossom Trees!

Well, it seems that with the thunderstorm we had the other day, and all the rain we've had so far this week wiped away most of the blossoms from the trees which means summer is on its way. We were lucky to have spotted so many blossom trees throughout this season to shower in them. It's like spring snow without the cold. 

I took pictures of the kids a couple of weeks ago when they were still in bloom at the same spot where I captured Lexie having fun under the blossoms. It was a perfect day, and I'm so glad I have these photos for memory of all of my kids surrounded by blossoms this year.

Here a few photos for them to remember... 
I hope the sun will show herself soon, and are looking forward to summer! Here's hoping everyone stays dry this weekend, and having a good week no matter where you are and appreciating the days to come no matter where they take you. 

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