Friday, May 4, 2018

In The End, It'll All Be Worth It.

The Teenage years are often years of insecurity, 
of feeling as though you don't measure up, 
of trying to find your place with your peers, 
and of trying to fit in. 

You may be tempted to lower your standards, 
and to follow the crowd in order to be accepted
 by those you desire to have as friends. 


And be alert to anything that would rob 
you of the blessings of eternity. 
the choice you make here and 
now are forever important
~Thomas S. Monson

Lexie has had a copy of this quote on her cork board for like the past three years, and I never noticed it until now. I've always seen her cork board full of photos, sticky notes, and quotes but really never paid attention in reading them. Now that she is getting ready for graduation, and already preparing for college this cork board will be passed on down to Chelsea, and the only thing she left on there for her sister was a photo of them, and a copy of this quote. 

And I'm truly grateful. 
Grateful because Lexie knows the pressures Chelsea will face once she enters high school. Grateful because even though these words are written on paper- the heart, if focused on the right path, will help if she reads them every day. Chelsea sees a lot of crap going on right now in middle school, but luckily she's tolerant of others, and even though she has a good heart, and soft personality, her attitude is made of sassyness, and steel. The sassyness she saves for me, but the steel part comes from within, and will express it when she sees a friend of hers behaving, or saying something inappropriate. She has a way to let others know that she doesn't need to curse, vape, juul, or shove red monster powdered crap up her nose. 

I love that she vents to me, and talks to me about everything that goes on in her school, with her peers, and any problems she may have. It's very rare for her to have any issues, but when her friends vent to her about a problem they may be having she does her best to listen without stressing, and when she can't do anything more she will let them know to seek the guidance counselor.  She's pretty bold that way, but will say it as cordial as possible. 

She sometimes reminds me of me when I was her age minus the super sassy part. I remember the pressures I had of wanting a boyfriend at 14 because my friends had one, and yes...some were even having sex at a young age. I remember how much I hated feeling like someones "leftovers", or "sloppy seconds." I never want my daughters to know what that feels like.

 I'm grateful that Chelsea doesn't have the desire to have a boyfriend, or do any of those things. I told her that it's perfectly fine to have crushes, but to limit the amount of crushing! Having two older sisters who have gone through the dating, boyfriend, almost married stage has really taught her a lot, and what NOT to do! 

Oh, I hope that she will do well in the years to come as she grows up, and enters high school. She has one more year to enjoy middle school, and deal with the catty drama the she faces now, but I told her once she's in high school things will be different, and the friends you have now, may no longer be your friends in your high school. At least that's how it was for me. 

Sierra, and Lexie were pretty lucky to have made good friends throughout their middle, and high school years, and sure they had their share of problems, but by the grace of God would always figure them out.

They still are. 

Even at 22, and 18 they still are. 

I love my girls, and count my blessings for how they have survived trials, and faithfully endured them. For never giving up when times got super rough. For always relying on the gospel, and the Saviors love whenever they had a problem. For always relying on God when they felt like me or their dad didn't understand. It's not easy experiencing hardships, but when they all look back at all the growing pains they had, and how they ended up in life, they''ll know it was for a good reason. 

At least that's how I look at it with all the things that I  learned from my youth until now!  

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