Thursday, May 10, 2018

Tulip Picking At Holland Ridge Farms!

I hope you don’t mind this overload of photos, because i have at least 25 pictures on this post, but it seems like nowadays people scroll through blogs just to look at pictures instead of reading so if it's okay with you there will be more photos than words on this post, and because.... tulips!!!
Holland ridge farms was only open for six weeks, and we were lucky to have gone the week peak ended which was yesterday, and to have picked a few. It's amazing how many tulips were planted. There are over one million tulips planted, and they are all so pretty! Next to blossoms, and hydrangeas tulips are indeed my favorite flower! 

I can't believe I didn't know about this tulip garden until now, and you better believe that this will be another thing to do when spring starts. It'll sure help us get over the winter blues in a hurry! The weather was sunny, and perfect, and we went right after school to explore, hand-pick tulips, take photos, and just marvel at their garden! 
And here goes the photo dump along with this little video you can see on my instagram that I captured of Noah picking his favorite colored He was so sweet in wanting to pick the perfect tulip! It'll be interesting to see him choose flowers for girls when he is older! 
In case your wondering about my expression in the particular photo that Lexie captured so perfectly is the fact that there were a few tulips that were wilting, and I was like, "these aren't from holland."
And there you have it! Lots of photos of us hand-picking tulips, and having fun on a sunny afternoon. It was a nice after school activity, and look forward to picking them again earlier next spring! 

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