Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Blossoms With Lexie!

Five years ago my oldest daughter graduated from high school, and I can't believe that in one month Lexie will be graduating too! Whaaaaat! My, oh man has time flown! I've realized that time definitely goes by fast when you're busy having fun not only in life, but with your kids as well. I am so excited for Lexie, and she is soooooo ready to graduate, and start college. I'm glad I'll have a whole summer with her before she takes off so we can make more memories with her. 

And this memory I'll always remember. 

As you now blossoms are big on the east coast, and everywhere we turn there are tons of blossom trees. One Sunday after church we decided to stop by, and do a little photo shoot. She was perfectly dressed for the part, and these blossoms made a great backdrop!

I captured way too many photos, but these are for me, and her posterity and I absolutely adore them! 

My beautiful girl. I know that when she's in her 20's I'll be looking back at these photos remembering the time we took these! So grateful for the memories we make, and for the time I took to capture the beauty of spring that was surrounded by my darling Lexie.

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