Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Caught In The Midst of A Storm.

Yesterday we had a storm pass us by that was crazy insane! I've never seen anything like it in Jersey except maybe when Sandy hit. I grew up near the gulf in Texas so I know what to except when a storm comes, and the effects are pretty similar to a hurricane. The day will be so beautiful with blue skies, and the sun shining, and then all of a sudden the sky slowly begins to cloud up turning the skies from a clear blue to a dark grey, and then it becomes real windy. Almost like a tornado! 

We were at the shore when we got caught in the middle of it. We took advantage of the day and headed to the shore after school only to experience all this. It was fun while it lasted until the rain came! 

We only stayed for about an hour, and we didn't care that the skies were dark, and dreary. There was an old lady who was telling us to get off the boardwalk and go home because there is a storm coming. Little did she know I have experiences with these kinds of things. I appreciated her concern, but paid no attention! I told the kids we'd be okay, and Noah scooted along the boardwalk like there was no tomorrow. 
We also spared an extra half hour playing at the playground Noah loves! He's been coming here since he was three, and my playground mom days are definitely not over with this kid. 
Lexie took part in sliding down with her favorite bro. These two are like two peas in a pod. I know that when she leaves they are both going to miss each other terribly. If you're wondering where Chelsea is she was actually sitting down enjoying the wind, and sounds of the ocean. (she also wasn't well enough to play around like these goofs.)
In spite of the storm, and getting caught in it that hour at the shore brought so much joy & relaxation. It was cool to have seen major choppy waves, and the sky changing colors. I saw this video from New York, and the skies were all purple with people walking everywhere. It was pretty cool. 

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