Thursday, February 13, 2014

Reflections of winter then & now.

^^^ a house off the road on Lambs Canyon in Utah ^^^
After last nights snow storm I am reminded of my days living in Utah when winters there lingered on forever. Because I didn't grow up with 'real winters' (Texas didn't have any snow in the first 19 years of my life) my first reaction to seeing snow for the first time in Utah back in 1994 was satisfactory. I was grateful, felt fortunate, & was in awe of Gods beautiful creation. 
^^^ Lexie (1) Sierra (5)- Salt Lake City, circa 2001 ^^^
I remember going on long drives up Little Cottonwood Canyon, Lambs Canyon, Immigration Canyon (so many canyons), Alpine loop, & Park City because when your cooped up in the house with two small girls during wintertime...all you want to do is take them out and see the world through their eyes! 

Oh the memories! 
13 years later I find that history is repeating itself. Except my two older daughters are now teenagers & I've added a nine year old, & a toddler boy to the mix (minus the mountains & canyons).

The last time we had a snow day we stayed indoors & kept ourselves busy with various activities. This time I nonchalantly asked everyone, "I'm going out to play in the snow who wants to come with me?" 

Being that we were in a 'state of emergency' we had planned on staying in. Once Jon finished shoveling the driveway we waited for a couple of hours before we went out on the roads. I have to say that I was very impressed with Jersey being proactive in preparing for this storm. So prepared in fact that all the roads were clear with hardly any traffic. It was so weird seeing so many stores closed too. When it snows like this in Utah, schools are not cancelled & everything is open! It's so different here, & living in Jersey for the past six years has helped me understand how things are done around here. 

As I was reflecting back on the memories of the pictures above (& there are so many others glued inside the scrapbooks of my kids), gratitude begins to fill my heart. 

Gratitude because had I not left Texas at a young age to live in Utah for all those years I would have never have learned to drive in the snow, or know how to deal with the winters anywhere...especially here. 

I said to myself the other day how I crave Spring, and I do, but I blink twice, look back at the first time I witnessed this part of Gods wonderful creation, & look at my children's faces when the snow begins to fall, and it is priceless.

Then the snow & everything that comes with winter doesn't matter to me anymore. My craving for spring diminishes, & my focus is on living in that moment. 

And that's exactly what I did today with my family. 

I lived in that moment. 
^^^ ready to go sledding ^^^
^^^ you can't tell, but Lexie has a snowball in her hand waiting to throw it at her dad ^^^
^^^ Noah was so cold that he demanded me to give him my scarf ^^^

We count our blessings on this day & for the roads to be safe enough to head out to do the one thing these kids have been doing since 'birth' (having fun in snowy conditions), and for having the time of their life...again! 

***Once again...we missed you Sierra! FaceTime is a miracle, and it's always nice to see your lovely face...and smile!

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