Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Just Another Beach Post.

So far this summer has been crazy busy with beach trips. The past three times we've gone to the beach have fallen on a Monday which is good because I would feel pretty guilty going to the beach on a weekday instead of going to the temple (haven't been since April!) We figured since we are going to spend the afternoon at the beach that we might as well have family home evening. We have been taking advantage of this, and what better place to do it than being surrounded in one of God's most beautiful creations. We talked about Ether in the Book of Mormon, and Noah & the flood & how North and South America became a choice land after the waters receded. And as far as the temple goes we definitely plan on going this month now that Jon has weekends off, and that our car is driving properly. There were a few days last week where the heat index was 105 degrees, and although we stayed indoors for a couple of days we are grateful for the time we've come to enjoy ourselves without having a heatstroke. Some of the photos I'm posting are from this past Monday, and last week.  
I love the boardwalk at Belmar Beach. I still can't believe that this whole boardwalk was completely demolished by superstorm Sandy. They did such a great job in rebuilding it, and still looks so clean, and brand new. Noah had a blast riding his scooter up and down the boardwalk. Every time we come to the beach he expects us to bring it so he can have some scooting time. 
^^^ patiently waiting for papa to come back with treats he left in the car ^^^
The kids always, always have so much fun playing in the water. Noah mocks Chelsea's every move. If he sees her get in the water and splash or kick the waves, he'll do the same thing. He absolutely loves the water, but like I said before, he'd rather play in the sand than be in the water. I'm sure when he's older he'll become more accustomed to the water. Maybe we should encourage him by getting him a boogie board.
This girl is never afraid of the water. If she would, she could go so far deep and have the waves crashing down on her...and she'd probably be underwater. This girl definitely needs a boogie board. She's fearless which is scary because you just never know what goes on in that nine year old head of hers. 
^^^ Staying hydrated. ^^^
We always have such a great time on our beach trips. It's perfect family bonding time, and glad we took advantage of the Mondays that Jon has had off from work. It would be nice if he had Mondays off permanently so we can make that a FHE "beach day". Who knows...a three day weekend always sounds nice, and a perfect schedule for family. We love spending time together, and hear the sound of the waves crashing. I'm happy to see my kids thrive on the simple things such as playing in the sand not expecting anything to come out of it...except that they are always hungry when we leave. Can we say pizza??
We sure have been counting our blessings with all the wonderful things that we are able to do together. Finding this "love" sculpture as we were walking along the shore was a sure sign that love really does conquer all. Especially when it comes to family, and sibs who tend to pick on each other all the time, but in the end always, always express their love for one another through smiles, and hugs.
The end.

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