Monday, July 28, 2014

No Pre-K For This Little Guy & That's Fine With Me.

When I received a letter from the school district informing me that Noah was on a waiting list for pre-school I was a little relieved. I had been thinking a lot about my time with him lately and how quickly these years are flying by, especially this summer! I rely on my little boy too much when it comes to happiness and friendship when the girls are gone. He's like a little grown up, and sometimes we'll get into these sweet conversations, and talk about life, school, friends, animals, cars, the sky, and everything in general! He's my daytime buddy, and someone who can really help me get it together when my days are 'blah'. Sometimes I wonder what I'm going to do when he starts Kindergarten next year! Since Kindergarten here is only half a day I'll probably still stay home, and wait for those three and half ours to be over so we can continue to have our mommy and me time. It truly is a joy being with him, and no matter how many times I have to clean all around the toilet wiping off urine, cleaning up the sink because he splashes water all over the place when he brushes his teeth, picking up soiled, wet toilet paper because he tries to wipe it down on his own, I don't mind being there to help him clean up all his messes. Toys scattered around the living room floor, spotting a cheerio underneath a dusty armoire, and piano, and hearing him say "one more time mommy" 20 times a day is fine with me. Those are reminders to me that for the past four and a half years I was raising a toddler in this house. A reminder telling me that I may not get that chance again to experience having another young one in the home. A reminder telling me that my time with him is now. It's beginning to hit home you know...that he is possibly my last child to have on this earth. I don't want to have to nag on him for the little things, but remember, and treasure his silliness, and just being a little boy. He's young, growing, learning, and so innocent. And I know that I am his role model right now. The one he looks up to on a daily basis (that is until he gets older, but I'm going to make sure that I am his number one to look up to even when he's in his teens!) The feeling I got when I received that letter testified to me that his time right now is in the home with least for one more year. 

And I am going to take advantage of my time spent with him more than I ever have in the past four years of his life. 

Starting now. 
I mean...who wouldn't want to spend all day with this cutie! I am surprised at myself that when its just the two of us the day goes by way too quick, and that he literally doesn't get on my nerves! I'm so glad I had him, and that he joined our family. Our family just wouldn't be the same without him.
Here's to another year of being a stay at home mama with this little guy!

Happy Monday!

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