Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Sacred Grove

One cannot leave the town of Palmyra without walking inside the Sacred Grove. The Sacred Grove is where it all started. Where a young 14 year old boy knelt down to pray to God to ask which church he should attend. And then all of a sudden a bright light appeared in the sky and then God the Father, and His son Jesus Christ appeared to him, and answered his question! They both answered to him, "none." They told him that he was the chosen one. The one to restore the gospel of Jesus Christ, and His true church upon this earth which I am now a member of. 

I know. 

At first I couldn't believe it myself, but when the missionaries were teaching me about the Joseph Smith story I felt my heart beating a million miles a minute, and I knew it was true. 

And I know it to be even more true now. 

Every year when my family and I go the Pageant the sacred Grove is the number one place we run (not walk) to. You'd think it be the temple, and that's super important too, but the the Sacred Grove is a place where you are surrounded by nature, and the fact that this is where the beginning of something great happened makes the spirit even stronger. Our family loves it, and I know that the Sacred Grove is another place where you can feel peace, and be in tune with the spirit. 

After all...this is where it all started. 
The kids were super excited to walk through it yet again. We walked through on Saturday during the day, and then again on Sunday before we headed out. It rained on Sunday, and regardless of the muddy trail we walked through the entire grove. I wasn't thinking of how muddy my shoes were getting. All I was thinking about was what a beautiful place this is, and how it never changes, and the feeling that I get is always different. I can understand why anyone would want to come here to pray, and receive revelation for themselves. 
There are some days where I wonder why the Lord chose to appear to a 14 year old boy, but then I look at Lexie who is 14 at the moment, and am amazed at her maturity. Joseph Smith sure must have been a mature 14 year old boy at that time for Heavenly Father to appear to him, and put a major responsibility on him where it would change the world. 

And it has.  It truly changed mine! 

There are days when I wish I could live in this part of the country so that I can come here seeking answers to prayers, and do my visiting teaching. Attend the church at the Peter Whitmer farm,or Palmyra ward, and make a whole new group of friends both young, and old. This whole area would be a wonderful place to serve a mission, and when our kids are grown, married, and completely on their own, Jon & I would love serve a mission here!
It truly is a wonderful place to visit, see all the sites, and if you want to learn more about LDS church history this is one of the places to come. Every time we come here we always feel leaving with a unique strength that helps us endure life no matter what challenges come our way with a sense of peace. It's easy to forget the things of the world & all the silliness & drama that comes with it when you come here. It is a great reminder of my conversion, and why I believe in it so strongly! 

Everyday is a new day to do better. 
And now I leave you with my testimony...
^^^I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and that he restored the gospel on this earth for us to have. Prophets have been around for years, and having one today to lead and guide us is a blessing...a huge blessing! I know that the Book of Mormon is true. It definitely is another testament of Jesus Christ, and along with the bible they are two of the best books ever written. I know this because I've felt it through reading it! I am thankful for the temples that are built upon this earth, and know that as long as I strive to live a good life in being an obedient daughter of God that I will be with them forever, and reign with Heavenly Father, and Jesus Christ for all eternity. ^^^

Have a wonderful weekend! 

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