Thursday, October 9, 2014


Warning: parental discretion may be advised. 

Noah has gotten into this bad habit of spitting, and talking about farts, and butts lately. I don't know if it's a boy thing because my girls certainly did not go through any phases like this talking about butts, farting, or spitting. Hopefully it's short term, and that this phase shall pass.

While laying down I heard swishy noises. I turned around and caught Noah with his finger in his mouth with this sneaky look on his face. I looked at him and asked him if he was spitting again, or drinking something he shouldn't (such as an open can of Dr. Pepper I left in the fridge) he looked at me and said, " I'm not spitting mommy, I'm drinking my thumb mom, [with a slight giggle] thumb."

What is it with spitting anyway? 

I don't know if it's an east coast, or jersey thing, but like I said this spitting situation has got to stop. Noah has been an expert on spit, and he has spit on the corners of his mouth.  It's not too bad, but there are times when he's talking at a rapid 50 words a minute, and has spit on the corners of his little mouth. I'm trying to teach him to not shoot spit when he speaks. Like I said...I don't know if it's a jersey thing, but he isn't the only one who talks like that. I've seen adults shoot spit while speaking too! There was one day when I had some hershey kisses in my dresser drawer (I have them on hand, you case of an emergency: PMS, bad mood,) and because I always think he's being sneaky with the elements of food or drink I asked him what he has in his mouth. He said, " I have spit in my mouth, spit mom, spit...not chocolate."  

One of my dear friends looked after Noah all day while I was in New york recently for my birthday, and unfortunately this little kid has gotten in the habit of pulling his arms out of his carseat. He's been doing that for quite some time now, and because we love him, and want him to be safe scolded him to keep his arms in! So the other day as we were driving to a nearby park he took his arms out again, and here goes the convo... 

Jon: "keep your arms inside the straps Noah." 
Noah: "When Ms. Griffiths watched me she said it was okay." 
Jon: "I don't care what Ms. Griffiths said...put your arms back in." 
Noah: "I don't care either." 
Me: WOW!

While cleaning Noah's ears Jon says, "see Noah, that's why you have a lot of wax in your ears because you need to bathe more often!" Noah: "What??? wax in my ears!! (looks at the Q-tip, and says) "That's disgusting daddy." 

While we were at the chapel watching general conference recently we stayed for the second session, and Noah said, "what, not again...we're watching it one more time! Haaaaaaaaa!!" He's obviously old enough now to see that there are two sessions instead of one. He'll get used to it! 

This past Monday as I sat down to use the computer the chair we've had for years finally gave out, and literally broke into pieces! I fell hard on the hardwood floor, and bruised my tailbone! As I was laying on the floor helpless Noah ran into my bedroom tried to help me off the floor, looked at the chair, and said with a sweet and panicky voice, "what the heck!! you broke the chair mom, you broke the chair!" Are you okay? Are you hurt? I said, "yes papa I'm hurt, and my butt hurts, but I'm okay!" And with the sweetest, most empathetic voice Noah says,  "It's okay mommy, daddy will fix the chair, and your butt."

Wasn't sure if I should post this, but I'm going with my gut and going to share. A friend of mine gave me some "off the wall" info that doesn't pertain to me, and as much as I love her I realized I need to watch what I say in front of Noah. Jon asked me what it was she gave me, and I said it's some stupid information about stupid information! Then....Noah said, "mom!!! don't say the "b" word!! Honestly don't know where that came from. Maybe I need to limit my prime time television with this little guy. At least he didn't say the "b" word! 

Happy Thursday! 

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