Monday, October 20, 2014

Howell Farm Corn Maze.

When we went to Howell farm during the summer, and found out that they have a corn maze during the month of October we knew we had to fit that in our schedule and come. The last time we went to a corn maze was six years ago in North Carolina. Why I never thought to go or even find one since moving to Jersey is beyond me, and a dumb choice at that because this was truly fun!! Memories of going to a corn maze in North carolina are sweet because the girls were little. The only thing I didn't agree with was the weather. I remember dressing up the girls in warm clothing fleece jackets, and cable knit sweaters in hopes that if they dress in winter wear the weather will turn cooler. Not! It was in the high 70's, and yet we managed to have fun, and endure the maze during an indian summer. This time the fall weather in Jersey has been perfect. Perfect to wear scarfs, and warm clothing where you're not sweating underneath all those layers. A perfect day to enter the corn maze

Before we drove out to the maze we decided to capture a few photos of how autumn at Howell farm is done... 
^^^ Holding his little pumpkin with an ear to ear smile. ^^^
^^^ Tried to get Noah to smile, but he kept laughing. I think this is the cutest picture of him yet! ^^^
^^^ And finally got one of him smiling, but without looking at the camera! ^^^

^^^ Howell farm has a courtyard complete with a pumpkin patch, hayrides, food, and this "haybale maze" that Noah couldn't get off of! ^^^
^^^ Best german potato salad ever! ^^^ 
^^^ Noah and his pumpkin filled stick with candy corn. As if he needs any sugar right now...especially before entering the maze. ^^^
It was so much fun watching these kids preparing for the maze. For a moment I felt as if I was on an episode of the Amazing Race, or in a scene from the movie Maze Runner without grievers chasing you, or the maze turning every five seconds! And so we were ready to begin this adventure of experiencing the longest running corn maze in Jersey! 
This maze was so unique compared to the one we went to in North Carolina. There was a time clock, and we were given a game board to put all the hidden clues on it. You can even pick a flag to carry around so your team can no where you are. Noah and Chelsea agreed on one, and Chelsea had a blast walking around with it. There was music playing all around the maze, and at one point saw Chelsea marching to the beat of the music. I had to remind her that we are on a time clock and that we need to work quickly to find these clues, and not goof around too much. 
 I did however manage to capture a few photos. 

One thing for sure is you do not want to mess with this girl when it comes to anything on a time clock. Lexie is competitive when it came to the maze. She certainly wasn't competitive back when she was eight living in North Carolina. Oh man this girl was on top of it, and found all of the hidden clues.  
Jon was a huge help as well when Noah wasn't sitting on his shoulders. When he wasn't on his shoulders I was  t he one holding the reigns making sure he wasn't getting lost or crossing through the cornfields. There's a ribbon there for a reason, and even though they had all these rules of not running, or cutting through the maze to get ahead (cheating) people weren't listening. We saw a few kids doing that, but kids will be kids right. We realized that it's more challenging, and fun when you're honest!

It took us an entire hour to finish the maze. Lexie mentioned that we could have finished it quicker if they're weren't too many people around, but that's what makes it fun! Amidst all those twists, and turns in the maze we made good timing and our victory was won! 
^^^ Beautiful sunset. ^^^
Howell farm has officially become one of my favorite hidden gems in Jersey. There's only one more weekend to explore the maze, and I highly recommend going! I guarantee you will have the time of your life! It was so much fun that we stayed here all day well into the evening. 
Sitting with my family in front of a fire was perfection. I only wish our Sierra was here to have experienced all the fun...that would have made my entire day complete! 

Until next year! 

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