Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Lee Turkey Farm Pumpkin Patch.

On the last weekend of October we finally made it to the pumpkin patch. For a minute there I thought we weren't going to be able to not go due to conflicting schedules. Since Lexie missed out on going apple picking this year I wanted to find a day where Lexie could come without missing any of her after school activities. Well...the only day we could all go was on Saturday, and so we made it. If you don't know us by now we are a very spontaneous people, and I am beginning to believe that spontaneous people go to spontaneous places they've never been to spontaneously. We love exploring different parts in New Jersey, and so we found this turkey farm which was very unique. 

This farm has the cleanest apple orchard. We have already decided to go apple picking here next year. I love how the trees are all lined up, kept up, and well maintained. They had everything growing on the patch from pumpkins on a vine, to cabbage, tomatoes, and even broccoli! You can literally smell the broccoli as you're walking down the patch. Truly amazing! Makes me want to seriously plant my own! 

Anyway here are a few pictures from our adventure on Saturday. There is no hayride out to the patch on this farm which was different for me, and I actually like their style of supplying wagons, and trekking out to the patch. It's not a far walk at all, and we all had fun taking turns pushing it. 

The kids had so much fun picking. I swear the older Noah and Chelsea get the pickier they get in which pumpkin they want to choose. It only took them an hour but it was worth it, and so fun watching their every move...literally.
 ^^^ Don't you just love the chocolate milk stain on his Hello t-shirt?! ^^^
^^^ Taking a break from trying to find the perfect pumpkin! ^^^
At first Noah thought that this was a watermelon! Since watermelon is his favorite he actually wanted to take this one home too, but alas they all found their perfect pumpkins! 
^^^ Silly pumpkin heads! ^^^
And so I end this post with more pictures than words such as this one because sometimes looking at a picture can be worth more than a thousand words. Love this boy, and the fact that we all ventured out once again as a family keeps me going. I really love this whole 'spontaneous trip planning family outings' we have. They keep us young at heart, and full of energy. 

The only thing missing is having our other daughter here to spend harvest time with us this fall. I'll always reflect back on the last time she went pumpkin picking with us, and helped Noah pick a pumpkin. That reflection of my life with her will always be priceless, and remain in my heart forever. 

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