Monday, October 13, 2014

A Celebration for Nate.

Sometimes I wonder how life would be had I not met Maggie 22 years ago, and you know something...I don't want to know. She has always been there for me as a friend, and is a sister to me in many ways. If it wasn't for her knowledge in knowing the areas of good schools in Jersey before my family and I moved up her six years ago who knows what township or county we we would have ended up in. All I know is that no matter how what we have been through as friends, and as individuals she is a friend of mine for life. Which brings me to the point of this young man...her son. 
This past weekend we held a small belated birthday celebration in my home to celebrate his 16th birthday. The last birthday we celebrated with him was two years ago! How can that be!! I see his mom quite frequently, but not Nate, and that's all kinds of wrong! We love this young man as if he was my son, and he is definitely like family. I have to say that this young man has learned a lot in his young life living in Jersey. The way he presents himself and holds his own shows me that he will always be a Texan at heart. He has come a long way in his endeavors, and has grown up. He is smart, funny, and an amazing basketball player on the court! It was so nice catching up with him, and to hear his goals for the future. His goals...oh man, oh man was I impressed with his goals! I'll just say he has a goal after graduation, and after talking to him, and hearing him speak shows me he has a lot of potential. He has ambition and the ability to succeed to do great things in this life, and you know something...he already is! He is fearless, and is a lot like his mama in many ways. A go-getter, courageous, outgoing, knowledgeable, and determined to accomplish goals without allowing anyone telling him otherwise. Oh wait...he reminds me of me too! haha! 

And tonight it was all about him. 
One thing about his mama is that she is a dang good baker! She made Nate his favorite...homemade chocolate cake, and brought it over to our house!! Now I'm not a big fan of chocolate on chocolate, but this was exquisite! It was moist, and delicious, and tasted sooooooooo good! 
^^^ Kind of took Nate a few seconds to blow out his 16 candles, but alas he blew them all. ^^^
I love that our kids care about Nate, and in some ways is like a big brother to them. I love that he was so kind as to ask how Sierra was doing. He looked up to her in many ways when she was here. I miss all the times these kids used to play games during past Thanksgivings, and Christmases, and hope to have that tradition build up again. 
I am so grateful to know Maggie, and for her to have created a life...the life of this young man who on this evening  we got to know even better at an age where he knows what he wants for his future in this world. You gotta just get to know him, and  I mean reeeeeeaaaaaaalllllyyyyyyy know him. He's a good kid who is learning, and growing in knowing how to live a true, and happy life. 

Happy 16th birthday Nate! We love ya! 

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