Friday, October 10, 2014

It's Football Season.

I had been feeling a lot of guilt lately due to the fact that we haven't attended any high school football games since football season began to hear Lexie play with the pep band. Two games have passed, and last Friday we finally had the urge, and time to attend one of her games. It's been kind of hard with Jon getting off around the same time the game starts, and having to rush home to change can make us be on edge, and a stressor. The fact that the Highland football team always loses anyway, and has been losing for the past few years (or at least as long as I've been here) doesn't make me a big fan. I'm not alumni at this high school so it doesn't make a difference, but because I have a second daughter who could possibly be an alumni here I'm trying to make nice, and attend only because I want to hear her, and the band play. It's a good thing I like sports because if I didn't I probably wouldn't bother staying for the second half sitting down in agony because our poor football team loses so much. I'm sure they are all good players, and like all those NFL football players will learn as they grow. We make the best of it, cheer even when I don't feel like it, and just have a grand time. Memories of attending football games last year when Sierra played including the homecoming game where she was nominated for homecoming queen was pretty fun, and exciting. I love this time of year, and just the fact that it's football season whether the team loses or not prepares me to enjoy the fall season even more. Chelsea and Noah love sports and when they hear that we are going to go to "a game", they get super excited.

Here are a few photos of the first game we attended with Lexie playing on the keyboard. She totally reminded me of Sierra, but because they are both unique in their own way Lexie had her kind of groovy rhythm. Please excuse these photos. There were a few people who were standing against the rail blocking my view of Lexie that I had to zoom in on a few. Hope they are not too grainy for your vision...
 ^^^ highland mascot--tartan. ^^^
There are a couple more home games left, and so we are going to attempt to attend them, and be good sports to just cheer this team on whether they win or lose! 

**Another band post where you can see the resemblance in my daughters can be read here. 

Happy weekend! 

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