Friday, October 3, 2014

Welcoming October With A Birthday Recap.

I'd be remiss if I didn't document a "birthday recap" of the day I had with my husband on my birthday so here it goes...

Because it fell on a Wednesday, and the fact that my 'sitter' (Lexie) stayed after school until 8pm we couldn't actually have a date night. Soooooo we ended up having a simple lunch date at Smashburger with our everloving four year old son, and luckily we did because hey...he captured a pretty good picture of us, and even though it took him four takes on my iPhone to get it right the last one was a charm. 
Date nights whether done in the morning, noon, or night are all good. I personally don't care what time of day I have them as long as we have them. Because we had a couple of dates alone during September to make up for my birthday I was okay with our little man tagging along on my special day. If it wasn't for him he wouldn't have taken this cute photo, and he wouldn't have had a smashburger because this was his first time having it. 
The burgers here are pretty tasty, and because it was my birthday I got a milkshake for free! As you can see from  this post Oreo cookie milkshakes are my fave!!
Going apple picking afterwards, and having my dear friend Maggie surprise me with baked ziti that evening was a perfect end to my 43rd birthday. Flowers sent to me from my daughter out west and my sister in Texas along with cards from dear friends I've known half of my life made my entire year!! I always feel so blessed to have so many think of me on my birthday via snail mail, and social networking. I am lucky to have a husband who is thoughtful, knows how to keep surprises, and is simple when it comes to days like this. It's not about the material things of the world that make a birthday special (although it is nice to receive nice things), but what matters to me is the simplicity that I receive from a loved one. Celebrating a special day with simplicity, love, and family is what's most important in a special gathering. Not everyone gets to have a cake, or even receives a birthday, card and I am extremely grateful for those efforts done from friends and family for every thought, gift, and card I receive on special occasions. This birthday flew by so quickly, and here we are in October waiting to explode with all things pumpkin. 
One thing for sure...we are ready for all things fall, and we are excited! 

How about you? Any fun plans for this weekend besides watching General conference? This truly is the beginning of a fun and "party" season! 

Happy weekend! 

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