Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Our Conference Weekend.

                           ^^^ love all these faces, Noah's goofy smile, and literally missing Sierra! ^^^
If it wasn't for general conference knowing the things I know now I wouldn't know how to live without it. Seriously...I didn't grow up listening to it, and when I joined the LDS church at the age of 20 I have to admit that I didn't really have my listening ears on too well. I guess you can say I was still learning, and trying to comprehend the whole "general conference thing' and why we have it every six months. Luckily I got the memo, and after getting sealed to my family I definitely got it, and I absolutely loooooove conference! Memories of my sister and I back in 1994 standing in line at the old conference center in Utah to enter into the first session was so much fun! We were both new to the church, and I remember standing in line anxiously waiting to hear the words of a prophet. We obviously had so much faith in these men because we ended up standing in line for an extra two hours just so that we can get into the second session. It was a great experience because that was the first time I ever heard and saw them in person. When I look back at the time I sang inside the new conference center in 2004 I was ecstatic, and ever since I got sealed to my family I have seriously delved into the words of all our church leaders. And you know what...it's so important to do so. I am so grateful for the testimony that I have for the gospel, for the desire that I have to continue to attend conference, and to teach my children that their words are not "just words", but important truths that we need to hear. 

Saturday's forecast was wet, and rainy so with a little one with sniffles we decided to stay home. We usually try to do our chores, homework, and have a picnic outdoors while listening to conference. Well...that didn't happen this year because of the rain. There was no picnic (kids were bummed) so we hung out here at the house, accomplished some chores, and Lexie finished her homework. (That a girl!) As always all the talks given this fall were inspiring, and very motivational, and I couldn't wait to hear more the next day. 

Sunday was extra special. We continued to keep our tradition of going to the chapel to watch conference. We have been doing that ever since we moved from Utah. It is so nice to keep that sunday routine going , and to be able to sit down with friends from our congregation sitting in front of a huge screen inside the chapel. Even though my four year old had a little bit of ants in his pants for the first 20 minutes he eventually sat down to listen. Well...he actually colored. Luckily we have two hours in between sessions so that we can eat, and have a little entertainment by our kids. Chelsea, and Noah both had fun playing the piano in the primary room.
This weekend was absolutely amazing. Every single word, and feeling expressed by all our church leaders is always something that I need to hear. Talking about the prophet, and how important it is to sustain and follow him was a big deal throughout this conference. As I was reading all my thoughts and feelings in I jotted down in my little journal I was reminded of how much the Savior loves me. How much He truly knows every fiber of my being. Knowing that I have the holy ghost to guide and direct me is a comfort to my spirituality. Knowing that I can receive personal revelation for myself brings me peace, and if I really listen to that still small voice my life can be lived to the fullest. President Eyring's talk on this subject was a faithful reminder, and I am so grateful for his testimony. 

Working on our family history, serving others, living the gospel as a true disciple of christ, staying on the right path of righteousness, watching the choices we make, making our home a heaven on earth, attending the temple, having family home evening every week, developing a strong relationship with Heavenly Father, allowing Him into our lives everyday, and my favorite...sharing the gospel were just some of my favorite subjects that were discussed on this day. 

I am so grateful for conference because it uplifts me in every way. The passion that I have for the gospel is because it changed my life. The change I made in my life was hard for some of my friends to see, and hard for my mom to accept the change, but here I am 22 years later still believing in the Almighty God, and in his truthfulness of this gospel. It has done so well for me, and strengthens me in many ways. It gives me the desire to share it with others, and to explain to them where my 'happiness' comes from. Now...don't get me wrong I have my trials, but knowing that i have the gospel and the Lord to turn to with faith gives me hope, and in the end brings me joy. I invite everyone I know and love to come unto Christ. Reading this talk by David A. Bednar can really help those with endless questions as to thinking "why do I need church when I already believe in God". It's a really good talk and I recommend reading it. Everyone deserves to hear the plan of salvation, and if you're a dear friend of mine whom I've known for half of my life I exhort you to click on this link to request a FREE Book of Mormon without any obligation! I did, and it truly changed my life. I promise it will change yours! 

And just like that...it's over. 
See you in six months. 

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