Friday, October 17, 2014

Tj's EP Release Party With 'Never Loved'.

So after we ventured out to the Franklin Institute the other day with the kiddos Jon and I committed to attending Tj Young's EP release party that same day, but in the evening. We managed to make it to the second show, and I am so glad that we did!

For five years I have seen this boy act, sing, dance, and tonight after a year of hard work teaching himself how to play the piano and guitar, and in working hard on his music he released his first EP. Words cannot express how extremely proud I am of this young man, and all the hard work, and effort he has put in making his dream come true. I have witnessed his efforts, and determination via Facebook of all that has taken for him to get to this point from auditioning in front of the judges at American Idol to working hard here at home with connections that have helped him reach his potential in pursuing a musical career.  His voice resembles that of Michael Buble which is a man after his own heart, and his voice...oh, his voice is pretty dreamy. I love the way he holds himself in front of an audience and being a witness to that was relaxing, and having the hubs sitting right next to me made our date night on a school night even better. Watching Tj sing up on that stage releasing his EP gave us hope that our daughter Sierra will pursue her dream in music as well. He has been a dear friend to her throughout high school, and it's no secret that I have been a big fan of his since his junior year in high school especially since he's been so kind to my Sierra since the day we moved to Jersey six years ago. Even though our paths don't cross as much as we'd like we consider him a good friend, and watching him progress via social networking feels like he's part of our family here in Jersey.

His performance on this night was captivating, and the fact that the house was small made it more intimate. There was cheering, and clapping, a little bit of dancing, and raising of the hands waving back and forth in the air to the rythym of the song had me feeling as if I was at a concert. It was so cool, and look forward to many more performances like this.

His official video Never Loved is absolutely beautiful. [It's also being played on the sidebar of this blog] It brought tears to my eyes when I first heard and saw it. I've learned that songs which bring emotion are the best, and this one is sweet. I love the way he brings feeling into the words as he's singing. [spoiler alert: the ending of the vid is a sad one!]
 And here he is singing the last song of the evening after his second performance. One of my faves... 
This will definitely be a night to remember, and because I'm putting it on my personal blog tells you that he's one of a kind, and worth listening to. The stars are certainly aligning for Tj, and watching his show that evening proves all too well that he is well on his way to a great musical career. His songs are available on iTunes here, and if you look and 'like' his Facebook page here you can pretty much see what he's all about. 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and that his voice puts a smile on your face! 

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