Thursday, October 16, 2014

All About The Brain at The Franklin Institute.

Yesterday we took our yearly school trip to the Franklin Institute. This is by far my favorite part of the school year simply because we get to educate our minds as a family, and have fun while walking the streets of Philly. After we arrived we checked ourselves in with our group, and had three hours to spare. The very first thing we wanted to see was the temple, and to see the progress they have made especially on the exterior, and it is looking absolutely beautiful!    
^^^ Philly temple...looking good! ^^^
^^^ Checking out the traffic from above. ^^^
Science and technology have been the two loves in our homes for quite some time now, and I'm not saying that because of social networking, or because of the ability we have to play games on an iPad, iPhones, iMac, or what have you,  but what we can benefit, and truly learn what the "human eye" can see, and how our brain really works when it comes to everything we take in is amazing. 

As usual these two ran straight to the 'giant heart' to trace the path of blood as they walk through. They have an amazing time in this section of the institute, and it is exciting to see them have an interest in how the body, and heart are connected. Seeing the look of excitement on their faces as they go around exploring all about the human heart brings a smile to my face because these kids are always filled with curiosity when it comes to anything that looks complicated. 
As many times as we come here there is always a new exhibit to see, and learn from, and new shows in the Planetarium. Since there are no cameras allowed inside the planetarium I wasn't able to take any photos, and didn't have the desire to because the show was too awesome to put my head down. The show we saw was called "To Space and Back", and this show tells an incredible story of human ingenuity, and engineering. It was amazing to see how the technology that transports us through space is paving the way of the devices and apps we use everyday. It was absolutely amazing! Kind of makes me wonder what technology is going to bring us in the next five years! 

They also have an exhibit called the "The Brain", and it tells you all about how our brain works. There was even a 'fake brain' where you put your finger through to touch, and feel. It wasn't gross, and it felt like Styrofoam to me. 
^^^ This display was pretty cool for the kids. They climbed a two-story tall network of firing neurons." ^^^

The look of fascination on their faces as they learn more about science and technology, and the brain, and human body makes me happy to see that they never get bored when we come here. It brings me so much hope knowing that they could all become a future scientist, engineer, and/or doctor. 

So far I know that Lexie is very interested in the medical field and has been since she was 11. Who knows...but on this night she was fascinated by everything that this institute has to offer, and every time we come here her passion for learning about science expands. We could have spent another hour (or more) in here. 
Grateful to Benjamin Franklin for the spirit he brings for anyone who enters this building in giving them the desire, and passion to learn more about science, and technology. I couldn't stress enough how educational it is for every parent and child to come here.

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