Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Around Here Lately.

Even though I'm nostalgic for the warmth of summer I always love the transition into autumn, and so far this favorite season of mine is turning out beautiful with colorful leaves, and everything pumpkin. My October days have been filled with fun in spite of the pain I feel from a particular part of my body.  

So last week has been a bit trying for me because of the fact of breaking crushing my tailbone. Yes...last week as I sat down in front of my computer to write our five year old goodwill find folding chair was literally on its last leg, and broke! I landed hard on the hardwood floor, and severely damaged my tailbone! Like I's crushed, not broken.  Luckily Noah was there to humor me with his 'Noahisms', and help me up. Even though I was in pain all week, I still managed to accomplish a few engagements. Daily walks in our neighborhood with Noah, piano lessons,  a birthday celebration, and having a date night with the hubs was important to me during that week and even though I managed to do a lot I think I over did it. You's kind of like after having a baby, you immediately come home forget about your well being, and think of everyone else except you and then your condition worsens! Bad, bad idea, and you'd think that after bearing four children, including two that involved c-sections I would have learned to take care of my 43 year old body! 


Anyway...I didn't care, and you know what, I'm actually feeling a bit better. My tailbone seems to be healing, but I still feel that bruise. Somehow i find ways to heal myself by keeping busy with things that help me rest. I'll call, write, and text friends, and look back at all the good I do on a day to day basis because with the gorgeous weather we've been having...who wants to stay indoors, and sulk. Okay...maybe except this past Friday because it rained all day, but even after the rain that didn't stop me from venturing outdoors. Still...rain is good because after it pours, going outside to see the vibrant fall foliage, and the rain drops that were left behind on the leaves, and trees were absolutely beautiful.  
Introducing Noah to the Rubik's cube, driving around with one butt cheek resting on the seat running errands wasn't a comfortable setting sitting, but having Noah falling asleep as soon as I was done with my errands indicated that it was time for me to go home, and rest that tailbone!
It just shows that no pain, no trial, or challenge will stop me from the things that are meaningful to me, and to enjoy the simplicities of life in making my own sunshine doing the things I love.

That is...except for missing church this past Sunday. 

The fact that i tested myself sitting for an hour and a half at the theater to see the maze runner (again) with the hubs was proof enough that I did overdo it, and that I wouldn't be able to endure three hours of church unless I laid down on my side on a pew during the entire hour of sacrament. 

No worries though...I'm pretty tough, and I'll be there next Sunday! 


Just don't stare at my behind! 

Happy Wednesday!

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