Friday, December 19, 2014

Ho Ho Ho!! It's The Hubs Birthday!

One thing Jon could never get out of during the holidays was playing Santa at his old, old job. He started working for Rent-A-Center  soon after Sierra was born, and lasted there for ten years! The first year he began his boss asked him to play Santa and ever since he's always asked, and of course Jon would oblige. I blame it on his height, and jolly personality. Of course they had to add a pillow underneath to make him more real, and rounder. I remember taking Sierra every single year to go see "Santa" at his work, and she was one smart cookie. She knew that underneath that red suit and fake beard was her father. Once she turned three she knew it! There was no longer fooling her. Every child knows who their dad is, and I don't think it helped her believe in Santa too heavily after that. Luckily when we transferred to Texas there was more than one tall guy working in the new store, and his new boss asked someone else to play Santa. That was somewhat a relief and a nice break for Jon. It was then when Sierra realized that Santa was real because her dad was no longer hiding underneath the beard, and that it was someone else. 

Looking at this oldie of a photo brings back the fondest of memories, and there are times when I miss those days. Life was so much simpler back then. The girls were little, innocent, stress and drama free. I always looked forward to Jon playing Santa at his job. It always brought out the calmness in me, the kid in him, and giggles of happiness in the girls. His Ho, Ho, ho's were on cue and the sporadic lines that incurred at the store were unreal. Not as long as what you see in a mall setting, but seeing how sweet he was with the kids was a reminder as to why I married him. He was perfect for it, and underneath that red outfit was a holly jolly person. Not only was he good at his old job...he was also the perfect Santa. 

Although there is no more role playing Santa at his workplace he'll always remember his Santa days with Rent-A-Center. He'll always remember it because the last weekend before Christmas is also his birthday.

Today he turns 44 & he still has that jolly personality. Always in good spirits, and has a good attitude with getting up there in age. He is a hard worker, kind, compassionate, talkative, great with kids, patient, and  thoughtful. All these attributes are similar to Santa Clause which makes sense in why they always picked him to play good ol' St. Nick. 

Happy birthday Jon!! May you never forget your days as Santa and to always relive the moments of feeling like a little kid again! 

And a happy weekend to all!! 

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