Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Chance For Do-Overs.

Capturing this moment the day sierra arrived with her sisters was bittersweet. The morning she arrived was too much for me. Too much meaning that I was overwhelmed with joy. It had been a whole year since we'd seen her and I was still in denial that she came home!  Everyone was wired and hovering over her as if there was no tomorrow. They all wanted to tell her about their life, school, recitals, show her their toys, Chelsea wanted to show her two missing teeth, and Noah wanted to show off his scooter skills, and trucks to her. Everyone wanted to know everything about her and what she did all year long too! It was fun chaos & no one could go back to sleep.

Since she arrived at six in the morning I figured she might be hungry for breakfast. You know...maybe she'd want a breakfast sandwich or something, but what she really wanted was a meatball sandwich from Wawa. I thought it was a bit unusual being that it was six a.m., but after living here for six years I am beginning to understand the whole concept of Wawa & why Jersey folks love it so much. She gobbled it down and immediately went to gather with her sisters in the living room to exchange gifts. It was a moment of simplicity and gratitude. Hugs were exchanged & there was laughter in the room...and boy did I miss her laugh! 

As I stood there capturing that moment I pictured them being 12, seven, and three years of age again. I always do that when a favorite memory comes to mind. Tender memories of the time we lived in North Carolina came flooding back. Life was easy then, and even though I may portray my life online through photos as if it's all fine and dandy life hasn't always been peachy king with Sierra being away. I've had to learn to be strong with faith in believing that she's in good hands. That she has goals to accomplish and efforts to be made. That she can be able to do things on her own without coddling her too much. That I will trust in her to make wise choices and that she won't settle for any kind of mediocre in her life especially when it comes to relationships and school. That when mistakes are made (and they will make them), that she will know that those mistakes can be mended without repeating them, and that life will go on. That she is seriously aware of being a role model for her siblings. That she will teach them by example, and no matter how hard life gets that they'll always have each other to turn to and a loving Heavenly Father that they can always pray to also.

And parents that will love her, and her sibs no matter what! 

With a new year approaching I hope that I myself can reflect on the positive things in life, and change some of my bad habits...& I have plenty of them. Everyone deserves a do-over, and it is my hope that my children will realize that no matter how many mistakes they make that theres always room for do-overs in this life without repeating them.

This year I saw my strengths turn into a weakness and that's when I realized that my imperfections may take more than 22 years to accomplish. And when I'm not strong it's God's turn to help. I wish this for my children in the new year, and every year as they grow older. 
I wish they can stay litte forever, but that's impossible. They must grow up, move away, make new friends, explore more, and experiment other cultures.

In other words...start anew, and venture out. 

I'm so happy to be with my entire family this New Year's Eve! That is an enormous blessing! 

Happy New Year's Eve everyone! 

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