Tuesday, December 23, 2014

O Holy Night...A Winter Recital.

This past Sunday was one of the most productive ones ever. First we had a wonderful Christmas program at our church about the Story of Jesus, and for the first time in all of my kids musical recital careers Chelsea's winter recital fell on a Sunday. As soon as church was over we scurried on down to a senior home where the kids volunteered their time, and performed numerous Christmas songs on the piano. To give...in sharing our talent with others is the greatest gift of all, and I definitely saw it within the folks in this home. Their upside down faces turned into smiles as soon as the youngest child began to play, and hearing them sing underneath their breath was proof that they really enjoyed these kids playing for them. It truly added a cheerful spirit to the room, and all these kids played very well. 
Since most of the students were playing Jingle bells, or Silent Night Chelsea wanted to pick something unique that not too many play at recitals. She decided on O Holy Night which is one of her favorites. The fact that she used to hear Sierra play it on the piano during past Christmases motivated her, and it made her think of her. This would also be her first piece using the pedals so she was a bit nervous. Although there were some teeny weeny slip ups she connected with the music, executed it very well, and in the end nailed it! She wants to play like her sisters, and our advice to her is to practice, practice, practice. 
She played absolutely beautifully and we are so pleased that she is developing the "Jorgensen musical talent". 
Hope this piece makes your spirit bright, and that you are having a wonderful season of light!
O Holy Night. from Rose Jorgensen on Vimeo.

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