Tuesday, December 2, 2014

It's That Time Of The Year Again!

We each have our own seasons-a time to be a student, time to be a new bride, an time to be a mother, a time to have a career, and /or a time to share the accumulation of our life's knowledge with others. 

With these seasons, we are also given choices to make. We can fully embrace each season for what it offers us, enjoying each moment so that when the season passes we have no regrets. Or we can try to overlap each season, trying to appreciate all these joys at once, only to find we can't adequately keep up with any of them, and greatly  increasing our stress in the process.

If you are in the seasons that calls you to motherhood, focus on that season. Embrace all that your child is, and all that god is calling you to be as a mother. 

By surrendering to God an your motherhood, you will call into play all the gifts, intelligence, and creativity with which God has blessed you. By savoring this season, you will find peace, a joy and a level of self-discovery that simply cannot be found in the workaday world. 
~Lisa Popcak, "Parenting with Grace''

Reading this quote that I stole from Sarah quoted from a book I haven't even read (which I will soon) really has helped me open my eyes especially during the holidays. Having four kids that are growing up faster than a blink of an eye makes my time with them more precious, and meaningful and I never want to take that for granted. It definitely puts my priorities in perspective, and that spontaneity in motherhood becomes even more spontaneous. I personally don't believe in planning at all and love being a fun, spontaneous parent. This season is slipping quickly through my fingers, and so I'm taking advantage of every moment this Christmas with my family without too many interruptions. Whether it's a simple day at the house where I spend my days with Noah, or run errands and carpooling kids to and from school. I don't want to have to worry about tomorrow, or the next day, or what I'm even planning next week! I just want to be able to sit down, and relax and in between the days where I have absolutely nothing to do, all I want to focus on is my kids and ponder on the true meaning of the season. Especially at Christmas time where everything can become chaotic, and out of sorts. I refuse to have my life mapped out as if it's a check off list where there is nothing left but stress, and exhaustion. Luckily I catch myself whenever I begin to feel that way, and then I remember to slow down. Living near cities where things are rushed can be hectic, and as much as we love venturing out to them we remember the reason why we are there, and as a family we enjoy the moment. 

There are so many activities that we can do as families surrounding the holidays, but one thing I love to do is attend my kids holiday recitals, and concerts. They are my first priority, and thankfully I've never missed out on any of their performances. Christmas cards is one thing I don't do out of obligation, and when I write my thoughts, and updates on our card it makes me feel good. 

This past weekend Noah and Chelsea decorated their small tree, and I can't even begin to tell you what a beautiful sight it was. There was no bickering, or name calling, or "stop, leave me alone!" phrases. There was laughter exchanged, and patience in helping baby brother put up ornaments. We've had this little tree for years, and last year all of the kids decorated it. It was so much fun watching them, and even though it was just the two of them decorating it (Lexie was doing her homework, & Sierra is still in Utah) it was fun to see them get so excited to go to the basement (which they never do because it's unfinished, and yucky) to get the Christmas decorations. Observing their actions as little children, especially when I saw Chelsea lift up Noah so that he could put the star on the tree was pure bliss. It pretty much made my whole month! 
So with all that being said, I'm welcoming December with more winter naps, baking goodies, watching more hallmark movies, playing in the snow (when it finally comes), and enjoying those simple moments that we often take for granted. 

But most of all, I want to embrace that special light that gave me all of this, and the life that I live as a mother to my wonderful kids. That is the light of Christ. He puts everything into perspective, and to know that Christ is the key to eternal happiness helps me to share with others the joy that He can truly bring into someones life.

And as a reminder to us all about the true meaning of Christmas, here's this video that I fell in love with! And hopefully we can all remember that the first gift that was sent to us is Priceless! 

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