Monday, December 15, 2014

Our 20th.

There's nothing like venturing to New York City during the holidays. Everything looks so festive, and "Christmasy" and everywhere you walk is lit up with lights...especially on fifth avenue! There's so much to do, and see and if we lived here we'd be doing something different every day of the week. Date night would certainly be interesting, and affordable too because there are so many things we could do that are free, and without spending too much money. 

Ever since we moved to New Jersey our love for New York has increased. There's so much to see & do here compared to where we live. I just love the energy and adrenaline that this city gives. We fell in love with this city 15 years ago when we visited here for the first time. I was told that you'll either love it, or hate it, and we absolutely loved it! It is totally like the movies where you see cabs driving like bats out of hell, and all the sounds, sirens, and noise that this city gives makes you feel energized! 

Just the other night our neighbors car alarm was going off, and stayed on for like 10 minutes. It didn't even dawn on me until Chelsea blurted out how loud their car alarm was. I told her if we were living in New York that we would be hearing more than one car alarm go off, plus sirens, people talking, dogs barking, and possibly some laughter as people meander though the neighborhoods. She nodded her head and said, "your right, mom there would be more noise over there than here so I shouldn't complain." 

We love the city so much and try to make a few trips here throughout the year especially during the holidays, and since our wedding anniversary falls smack in the middle of December we have managed to come out here to celebrate, and this year we celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary in the city. 
I felt a little guilty leaving two kids at home who are getting over a cold, but Lexie insisted that we go, and have fun. She's such a good sport, and so we left early in the morning so that we could catch an early session of the temple . I just love attending the temple, and whenever we do sealings reminds me of our own! It was a beautiful time, and then we had the rest of the day enjoying ourselves in full merriment! 

We happened to come on the weekend of Santa Con. For those of you who are wondering what Santa Con is, it's when a bunch of adults dress up as Santa, and they galavant all around the city. It can get a little crazy, and super crowded on that weekend, but it's so fun seeing all the different styled Santa's. It also happened to be their 20th anniversary of celebrating Santa Con as well. 
After enjoying a walk on fifth avenue, and taking in all the sights & lights (it never gets old) we were starving so we happened to end up (we are so spontaneous) dining at a place called David Burke inside Bloomingdales. Oh my gosh their food was fabulous!!! I've never had talapia grilled fish tacos with pineapple salsa before, and I was in heaven! I originally ordered the juicy "burker" with fries (and boy was it juicy), but I couldn't help but to take a bite out of Jon's talapia fish taco! We ended up sharing each others food. Now that's true love! Ha ha! 
The hours go by so quick when you're in the city because when you're walking everywhere, and not really paying attention to time it flies. The fact that it gets dark like at 4:30pm makes it impossible to take good photos so I didn't bother. Besides...I wanted to pay attention to the hubs and our surroundings while walking around this magical city. 

Here's to 20 years of marital bliss, along with a few downers in between that have made us strong. An unconditional love and friendship with a man who is honorable, watches over me, protects me & our children, loves everything about me who has made my life come true! 
And here's to looking forward to another 20 years with each other. 

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