Wednesday, December 24, 2014

To Believe, & A Reminder To My Children On Christmas Eve.

So for the first time in the six years of living in Jersey we visited Santa Claus...locally! We've always driven to NYC to see Santa at Macy's or The Plaza, but because of sick kids, a 20th anniversary, and the hubs birthday all falling in one month there just wasn't enough Saturdays in December to galivant to the city to see Santa. He obviously wasn't a priority. We were just going to forego visiting Santa this year, but my gut kept telling me to make the time, and take the kiddies to see Santa. Who cares if it's in Jersey. 

And I'm so glad I did. 

It made me realize the importance of continuing to teach my kids particularly my youngest all about Santa and his role in this life. He is five years old now and is beginning to see more clearly who and what he's all about. It's sweet to see that he believes, and has so much confidence in knowing that Santa exists. My almost ten year old still has a lot of magic left in her and strongly believes in Santa (and our  elf on the shelf) still, and luckily she is beginning to truly understand that although Santa is a wonderful man that Christmas is not about the gifts. It's about being a good example. It's about love and kindness. It's about giving and thinking of others. It's about Christ and the gift that He has given us to live. It's about putting Christ back in Christmas and never forgetting the real reason of this season. 

It's about sharing the gift.

After our visit with Santa Noah kept asking me non-stop if he could open a present when he got home. No...let me rewind a bit. He began asking that question as soon as we got our first delivery of gifts which was last weekend. It escalated after our visit with Santa. He also continued to ask if it was Christmas already. My patience with my boy normally doesn't wear thin, but it was the redundant questions he was asking. That's when I realized that this was a perfect opportunity to go more in depth about Santa, and to explain to him that although it's fun to have presents that it's not what Christmas is all about.

One thing for sure is that I'll never be a Scrooge and will always, always allow the magical side of Christmas to stay within the hearts of our children. Noah just barely turned five, and his belief in the magic of Christmas is very fresh and firm. I'm all for it, and as long as they believe, I'll believe. It brings out the little kid in me especially when I see that sparkle in their eyes. Another thing I let him know is the fact that the gifts is not what makes us believe in Santa, it's the kindness, love and time he makes to see all of the children. It's also the way he treats people. 

There's a book that we always read throughout the Christmas season titled I Believe in Santa Clause. This book has taught my kids the true meaning behind Christmas and that Santa and Jesus are indeed two very similar people. So far it has taught my two oldest daughters who are now 19 & almost 15 the true meaning of Christmas. Even though they no longer believe that Santa is a real person they believe in miracles and the blessings that come from believing in Christ. 

They understand, and have long since realized that it was never about the gifts. It was the time and love we took as parents to make their past Christmases special even till this day with them knowing it was us all along who were putting those gifts under the tree. They will always "believe" in the magic of Christmas, and in return will pass it on down to their future posterity, and will continue to "believe" along with their younger sibs. 

Each year our gifts to our children "from Santa" get smaller and smaller, and so far it has not damaged their magical belief in the spirit of Christmas. It is my hope to always remind my children the real reasons for the season at a young age. Kids are very smart, and one day my two youngest will learn, and realize that it was us all along who were bearing them gifts. Spiritual gifts of love, and learning. 

But until that time comes...I'll let them believe. 

I'll let them believe. 

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